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Pokémon Casting Choice Sparks Controversy

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Pokémon Casting Choice Sparks Controversy
written by
Leena Torky

Well this is…weird. That’s all we can honestly say. Pokémon fans around the world are a little surprised/horrified/angered/confused, and a whole bunch of other emotions. A few weeks ago, news broke of a new feature film which will be the very first live-action Pokémon movie. Normally this would elicit excitement from fans, but there seem to be quite a few issues with it.

Last year, a game for the Nintendo 3DS was released called Detective Pikachu. The trailer for the game quickly circulated the web due to its hilariousness. In this game, a young boy needs Pikachu’s help to find his lost father. Not only was the concept of the game pretty funny in itself, but what made it more surprising is that Pikachu has the voice of a grown man. If you’re familiar with Pokémon, then you know that Pikachu, one of the franchise’s most famous little creatures, has a cute high-pitched voice, and can only say his own name, or “pika pika!” Naturally, a game with such a random storyline and a strange new version of this fan-favourite character was somewhat of a hit, although many saw it as ridiculous.

Now, Warner Brothers have announced the release of a film adaptation of the game, also titled Detective Pikachu. Not only does the CGI Pikachu speak in the voice of a grown man (just like the game), but he will be voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds. Yup, watching the trailer feels just as wrong as one would imagine. Needless to say, social media posts and memes regarding this film have gone viral, and while many people find it quite comical, many are also disappointed that the first live-action Pokémon film is so…strange. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. However you feel about it, your emotions are sure to be very mixed.