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Ride a Rollercoaster of Emotions with OPPO & Superstar Menna Shalaby in Short Film “Photograph: The Space Between Us”

Menna Shalaby Nabil Essa Oppo
Ride a Rollercoaster of Emotions with OPPO & Superstar Menna Shalaby in Short Film “Photograph: The Space Between Us”
written by
Mohamed Raafat

Capturing photos can be tricky, but capturing a feeling or an emotion is much harder, and OPPO has created a smartphone that makes both tasks an easy-breezy ride.  OPPO is transforming the mobile photography and videography game, documenting emotions and moments that last forever.

Under the intimate slogan of “Every Emotion, In Portrait”, OPPO lets the viewer experience a spectrum of emotions through a short film called “Photograph: The Space Between Us”. Starring the superstar Menna Shalaby and Nabil Issa, this is the first time that Menna has done a commercial collaboration. The movie showcases the actor’s multidimensional emotional skills, as well as an array of advanced features in their new OPPO Reno6 devices that helps reconnect people through emotions.

The story begins with Shalaby’s character going through a tough break-up. We can see her scrolling through the beautiful moments she shared with her partner (played by Eissa) on her OPPO Reno6. Despite having broken up, she can still relive all the happy moments they spent together.

The film presents a rollercoaster of emotions, moments, and situations as the character goes through her life journey, trying different methods to move on from the break-up. But, she eventually starts creating new happy memories with her friends and family. At the end of the movie, Shalaby says, “You meet a lot of people that you can love, but sometimes, the experience can hurt you. But, if you accept the pain of the story and move on, this experience will be a good memory in your life, a memory that you can recall. And I think life goes on anyway, no?”

Through her break-up and recovery journey, we can see how the OPPO Reno6 was her companion through her ups and downs and how she used it to document her special moments and memories. Features such as Bokeh Flare Portrait mode and AI Highlight Video help her record all her special moments in superb quality, even in low light. Start creating your own moments of life’s colourful anecdotes using the latest OPPO Reno6 Series now, and let’s document “Every Emotion, In Portrait”!