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Sir David Attenborough’s Returns With a Brand New Documentary
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    While documentaries may have garnered a reputation for being boring and insignificant, a huge number of documentaries are actually quite the opposite of that. Delving into interesting topics, with a lot of details, documentaries can be a gateway to comprehensive knowledge about a subject matter in an interesting and gripping fashion.

    Those interesting documentaries sometimes share a common factor: their narrators. And, of those top narrators, comes Sir David Attenboroough, a household name that boosts the stature of any documentary, exactly like a megastar boosts the stature of a movie.

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    Sir David Attenborough has been the voice of many gripping documentaries and TV Shows, including the famous Blue Planet and Planet Earth. But now, he’s coming back with a new series, Dynasties. At 92-years young, Sir David Attenborough is voicing the series that explores the world of hunting animals under the risk of extinction.

    With a passion for animal protection, Sir David Attenborough will discuss the troubles that chimpanzees, hunting dogs, emperor penguins, lions, and tigers face, due to the rapidly changing conditions of Earth. Dynasties will air on BBC Earth. It was announced in February, but a tweet from BBC Earth last week means that it is indeed “coming soon.”