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Six Movies to Avoid Watching This Weekend…and Every Other Weekend After This One

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Six Movies to Avoid Watching This Weekend…and Every Other Weekend After This One
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Cairo 360

On these lazy Saturday mornings, we know you might have a lot of time on your hands. So, unless you want to waste some hours cringing over some genuinely poorly made features, here is a comprehensive list containing six of them to avoid!

Catwoman (2004)

A beloved antihero, Halle Barry as the star…it seems as though this could almost have been the movie of our dreams, so what went wrong? This was a complete box office flop, and has pretty much become a huge joke amongst all who have seen it.  

Near Death (2004)

We all love a bad horror movie from time to time, they can be fun and hilarious! This movie, however, isn’t just bad, it’s REALLY bad. The terrible graphics and set design can be excused when taken into consideration how low-budget this film was. The awful acting, ridiculous dialogue, and absurd plot cannot be excused though.

The Emoji Movie (2017)

We’ve swapped out a lot of our regular communication with emojis. I mean, let’s face it, emojis are important to us all. So the concept for this film didn’t seem too horrible; in fact, it seemed as though there could have been some potential for a cute and comedic movie. Sadly, this movie was just painful to watch. Besides being unfunny, many audience members feel that it was simply boring.

Food Fight (2012)

Watching this movie will make you feel as though you are experiencing some sort of a nightmarish fever dream. It seems like an unfinished high-school animation project. It’s surprising that big names such as Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff starred as voice actors in this film. So surprising in fact, many people believe this film was used as a money laundering front.

The Hottie & the Nottie (2008)

Sometimes a cheesy chick-flick rom-com is just what you need, but this one far surpasses cheesy and is instead just horrific. The film uses mostly gross-out humour, and seriously overdoes it. Frankly, it’s uncomfortable to watch. Although Paris Hilton is everyone’s favourite early-2000s socialite, acting is certainly not her forte.

The Room (2003)

This film has gathered a cult following as possibly the worst movie of all time. Written, directed, produced by, and starring Tommy Wiseau, this disastrous piece of cinema is nothing short of a wonder. It’s so bad that there are even entire viewing parties at public venues around the US in which you and your friends can spend an evening laughing uncontrollably at the train-wreck that is this film. It’s glorious.