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Spooky Egyptian Movies We Love to Watch

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Spooky Egyptian Movies We Love to Watch
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    Halloween is not the only time we’re all about horror movies, so get ready for this spooky list of Egyptian movies that will give your movie night the dark twist you’ve been craving!

    Al Ins w Al Jinn (1985)

    We’re starting this list off with a cult classic that never lets us down. Meet Fatma, a successful researcher whose rationality and scientific beliefs are put to the test when a demon falls in love with her and decides she can never be with another.

    We love everything about this movie, from the hot ’80s splash of nostalgia and retro special effects to the stellar performances by all parties involved. Yousra especially excels in this iconic role that shot her head-first into stardom. Despite the low budget, our favourite thing has to be how ridiculously believable the whole movie is. The fantasy is never broken; they even kill a live rooster on camera in a truly transporting Zar scene.

    We’re not going to tell you how to watch this movie, but we can definitely see its iconic scenes being paired with some spooky music in Cairo’s clubs come Halloween night.


    604 (2017)

    OK, so this isn’t actually a movie, well, technically not at least. 604 is five episodes of the hit tv series Nasibi wa Qesmitak 2, stitched together to make up one individual story.  Huda is a prostitute who is propositioned by a strange man who wants to give her his mansion and all its associated lands in exchange for her living there for six months. She shortly moves into this bizarre and comforting place before its story unfolds in a series of chilling and disturbing events. The movie has everything you might wish for in a horror flick; jump scares, demon possessions, and even astral projection. What is different, though, is how impeccably the spiritual and cultural elements are woven into the movie, and how its unique characters, all played to perfection by its well-chosen cast, interact with one another within this twisted story. Expect a movie night you’ll never forget with this one!


    El Feel El Azraa’ 2 (2020)

    Sequels are never better than the original, but we think we just found the exception to that rule! Blue Elephant 2 picks up the story five years later with another patient at the Abbasiya psych ward, specifically calling for Dr Yehia Rashed and pulling him out of retirement. This time though, the stakes are much higher because the good doctor has everything to lose.

    The patient in question is played by the incomparable Hend Sabry, who delivers mystical, deranged, and sultry like no one else could. Add that to the amazing cinematography, great storyline, and stellar performances by the new and returning cast, and you’ve got a gem on your hands. The movie plays out more like a mystery than a horror flick, but the spooky elements are definitely there, with some disturbing scenes that left us quaking in our boots. You can find this spooky thriller on Netflix, so no worries about quality. Fair warning, though, there’s a truly questionable Mohamed Mounir cover that we’re still very confused by.


    122 (2019)

    Need a break from all the jin possessions on this list? We’ve got you covered! 122 is the story of Umnia, a young deaf girl who is determined to find her husband no matter where he is after a gruesome accident separates them.

    We love this movie because the main sources of horror are very real things that we’re all scared of, such as human trafficking and the extent to which people will go for greed and survival. The movie uses the creepy elements found in an abandoned Egyptian hospital to plant fear in the viewers’ hearts very effectively, and we love seeing a strong disabled female protagonist take charge. The best part is you can find it on Netflix in great quality.