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Ten Films That Will Change the Way You See the World

Ten Films That Will Change the Way You See the World
    written by
    Aleksandra Sekinger

    Film has an unmatched ability to transport its
    audience to another place and time, and it can inspire them to think and act in
    new ways. From everyday issues to existential matters of fate, the following
    ten films will change the way you see the world. Fasten your seat belts; it’s
    going to be a bumpy but exciting ride.  

    1. Into the Wild

    Based on a true story, Into the Wild is the journey of Christopher McCandless, who gave up
    all of his possessions in 1990 and embarked on the adventure of his life.
    Searching for something more to life than what he saw as empty materialism,
    McCandless encounters a series of characters and environmental challenges that
    are instrumental in shaping his life. McCandless’ pioneering spirit will
    inspire you to embark on the greatest adventure of your life.

    2. The Corporation

    This feature-length documentary will revolutionise the
    way you understand business corporations. After narrating the fascinating
    history of the rise of corporations and their legal privileges, the film
    examines the behaviour of several international corporations through case
    studies. Subsequently, the film diagnoses the corporations’ behaviour as
    similar to a dangerous psychopath without a conscience. The documentary is
    filled with incredible facts that will make you think about corporate life and
    how you can make a difference.

    3. Crash

    Crash will
    make you think twice about clinging to stereotypes. Set in Los Angeles, this film tells several interwoven
    stories of multicultural citizens, their lives, problems and their complicated
    relationships with race and identity. The film breathes complexity into the
    essential nature of human beings, with several characters shifting between good-guy
    and bad-guy roles.

    4. It’s A Wonderful Life

    When everything goes wrong for good-doer George
    Bailey, he contemplates suicide. An angel appears and shows George what the
    world would have been like had he not been born; and George realises how his
    life has positively affected his community and loved ones. Not only will this
    film will help you believe in a divine purpose and enjoy life for what it’s
    worth, this classic will melt any coldness in anyone’s heart.

    5. Food, Inc.

    Let’s just say that you might never look at a
    plate of food the same way again. This documentary examines how food production
    has changed dramatically in response to the demand of the fast food and mass production
    industries. It further explores how this demand affects farmers; and what the
    health and safety conditions are for the food itself and the animals that
    produce it.

    6. Requiem
    for a Dream

    Pills, both addictive medicinal pills and illegal
    substances, can corrupt every avenue of a person’s life and rid them of any
    sense of joy and hope. Requiem For a
    is the story of a young man, his mother, best friend and girlfriend
    and how their addictions destroy their dreams of greatness. After watching this
    film, it may be difficult to swallow a pill without thinking about how it affects
    your mind, body and soul.

    7. Eternal Sunshine of a
    Spotless Mind

    Joel Barish discovers that his girlfriend Clementine
    has undergone a memory erasure procedure that deleted any memory she ever had
    of him. Desperately heartbroken, Joel spontaneously decides to also have the
    procedure done. While reliving the memories in his head, he realises he wants
    to keep them. This film will help you treasure every moment with loved ones– the
    good and the bad– and to cherish it all.

    8. Objectified

    This documentary is a must-watch for all those
    interested in art and design. It uncovers how good design is a way of living
    and how good design can change the way we live. Objectified discusses the consumer’s relationship to manufactured
    products and by extension, the designers behind these products. The functional
    aspects and creative process behind industrial design are discussed by some of
    the world’s most famous designers, including Karim Rashid, Dieter Rams and
    Jonathan Ive.

    9. V For

    Based on a ten-issue comic strip by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta takes place in a
    futuristic, fascist British state. A superhero and freedom fighter called V is
    set on starting a revolution to give the state back to the people. This film
    inspires its audience to have faith in the strength of people, numbers and
    justice. It’s a winning film that will excite anyone who believes that ideas
    are bulletproof.

    10. Run Lola Run

    At the start of the film, Lola receives a phone call
    from her boyfriend, Manny, who has just misplaced a very large sum of money
    that belonged to a drug lord. Lola has twenty minutes to find this amount of
    money and give it to Manny or else he’s a dead man. The premise follows with
    three alternatives of those twenty minutes, where minor events and coincidences
    having a huge effect on everyone’s fate. Run
    Lola Run
    makes you appreciate how a little something on an average day in
    your life can change it dramatically.