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The Stars Came out for Huawei-Sponsored Premiere of ‘Min 30 Sana’

The Stars Came out for Huawei-Sponsored Premiere of ‘Min 30 Sana’
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Cairo 360

As the year’s mosalsalat wind down to a close in the last few days of Ramadan, the focus usually shifts towards the usual spate of Eid films that descend on Cairo cinemas.This year, though one film stands as the most anticipated films has come in the form of drama film, Min 30 Sana (30 Years Ago), which premiered last night at Al Masah Cinema in Nasr City with a spectacular, star-studded event organized by Huawei.

Starring an impressive cast that includes, Ahmed El Sakka, Mona Zaki, Mervat Amin, Sherif Mounir and a returning Nour, Amr Arafa’s drama tells of a man that dreams of murdering people, only to wake up and murder them in real life.

The film marks the latest of a new breed of film that steps out of the box and takes on more interesting, complex and occasionally more fantastical approach to mainstream cinema. With plenty of buzz carrying the film into the Eid holiday, the premiere was a glitzy affair, with Huawei very much making its presence known on what was a hustling, bustling red carpet affair that saw the stars of the film receive gifts from Huawei in the form of the global technology giant’s P9 smartphone.

Stars in attendnce included Ahmed El Sakka, Sherif Mounir and Jamila Awad, as well Mohamed Hamaki and Latifa, whit the fleet of celebs all taking to the red carpet for some selfie-time with the P9. But Huawei have been on board with the film from the start; aside from the premiere being organised by Huawei, eagle-eyed moviegoers might have noticed that Huawei itself has somewhat of a starring role, with all the characters using another of the P-Line, the P8.

The partnership marks the latest collaboration undertaken by Huawei over the last year, which have thus far touched on the realms of music, photography, children’s entertainment and, now, film. 2016 also saw the brand launch the very first Huawei shop in North Africa, right here in Cairo.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Huawei, though, which has enjoyed a surge of popularity among technophiles in recent times, and subsequently emerged as a big player in the market.

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