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This Is What Eyad Nassar Told Cairo 360 About His Newest Project

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This Is What Eyad Nassar Told Cairo 360 About His Newest Project
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Cairo 360

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Eyad Nassar, the Jordanian actor of Palestinian descent has taken the Egyptian cinema industry by storm ever since starting his professional career here in the land of the Pyramids. In an interview for Cairo 360, the talented actor ensured fans that he will be collaborating with mega star Ahmed Ezz in the movie Al-Mamar, directed by Sherif Arafa.

Playing an Israeli officer is quite a new role for Eyad Nassar. His counterpart, Ezz, will be playing a leading officer in the Egyptian army, putting the two in a much anticipated standoff.

Nassar also stated to Cairo 360 that he’s currently in Cairo, but could move to Suez in the upcoming period in order to shoot certain scenes. And like all Cairenes, he admits the difficulty of life in Cairo with all its traffic and nuisances, but still can’t find it in his heart to ever leave. Eyad says that “it’s very normal for Cairo to drive anyone crazy, but despite the business of life, there’s just something about it.”

Al-Mamar movie is set to have a star-studded cast with the likes of Ahmed Rezk, Hend Sabry, Mohamed Al-Sharnoby, Mohamed Farag, Asmaa Abo El-Yazid, and other names. The movie is written by Amir Teama in collaboration with director Sherif Arafa.

As for other news regarding Eyad’s upcoming productions, stay tuned for his drama series next Ramadan. Nassar has decided to get back to TV productions after taking a sabbatical last Ramadan. We all, of course, remember his excellent role in the marvelous series Haza Al Masaa (This Evening) in Ramadan 2017. He’s currently choosing between the different scenarios he has received, and while he hasn’t settled on a specific one, he’ll surely be back next Ramadan.

But if you can’t wait till next Ramadan or until Al-Mamar is released, you can hit cinemas right now to watch Diamond Dust written by Ahmed Morad, which features Nassar.