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Videos From Tahrir: Best Footage from January 25th Revolution

Videos From Tahrir: Best Footage from January 25th Revolution
written by
Cairo 360

Throughout the eighteen days of demonstrations in Tahrir Square,
demonstrators and onlookers regularly documented the historic events using
phone cameras, SLRs and professional video cameras. These mostly amateur videos
capture the multifaceted spirit of the January 25th revolution,
whether it’s the anger and determination, the inspiration or even the humour
found in even the darkest times. Here’s our selection of our favourite footage.
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Inspiring Video Footage:

The Most Amazing Video
on the Internet
by Tamer Shaaban: Viewed over 1.8million
times, this video combined footage of the first few days of the protests, capturing
the desperation, anger, resilience and power of the situation.

The Battle of Kasr El
Nil Bridge 28
/1/2011 Revolution
courtesy of Al Masry Al Youm, has the clearest shot of Kasr El Nile
Bridge, where thousands of demonstrators clashed with police for several
hours on January 28th. This video documents
an important segment in the historical events.

Very Brave Young Man: This video
was shot from a balcony overlooking Kasr El Eini Street, where demonstrators
were fleeing police forces, until one young man decided to stand in front of a
police vehicle right in the face of the water cannon in resistance. Listen to
the neighbours chant as he maintains his ground. This clip has been viewed over 116,000 times.

Wael Ghonim- El Ashera
: Google executive Wael Ghonim’s interview on Dream2 just hours after his release from detainment was a landmark point in the weeks of
demonstrations. Ghonim’s candidness, pride and resilience seemed to have a profound effect on local audiences as well
as the world media.

#25jan Revolution: shot 1 Feb 2011 @ Tahrir
Square, Cairo Egypt
, this video was shot by actor/producer Khaled Abol Naga,
showing aerial shots of the massive demonstration on February 1, 2011 as well
as the different faces and posters of the demonstration. Without commentary or
interviews, Abol Naga manages to capture the multifaceted community of
demonstrators as well as their peaceful but potent resolve and determination. 

Live Egypt-11-02-2011
Directed by Karim Shaaban, this video is a montage of the moments following the
President’s resignation speech in and around Tahrir Square. Young and old demonstrators from all social strata explain the purpose of the protest, the atmosphere of Tahrir and their desires for a better future. Our
favourite part? The old man who says, ‘I am one of the youth of January 25th.’ 

This video on
captures Tahrir square the moment that the announcement was made.
Cries break out, people rush towards the square, men cry, children dance. More
importantly, the video captures doctors inside a field hospital in Tahrir,
exhausted but euphoric after hearing the news. 

Celebrations of
Mubarak’s Resignation in Heliopolis
by Hany Eskander captures jubilant crowds celebrating on the streets of Heliopolis on the night of February 11th, 2011 following the news of the President’s resignation. Dalida’s ‘Helwa Ya Baladi’ makes the perfect soundtrack to such a patriotic and triumphant moment. 

Funny Video Clips:

Viewed over 104,000
times, this short clip in Tahrir Square shows an old man asking what the whole
commotion is about
, only to be told that a man and his wife are having a
domestic fight. It’s not quite clear if he’s serious or joking, but the humour is so subtle, it’s hard to tell. 

About the Spies and
Foreign Agendas:
this video clip shows various demonstrators joking about the
conspiracy theory that they were all trained foreign agents inspiring to
destroy the country. This light-hearted clip has been viewed over 231,000 times.

This young man chants to a crowd on Talaat Harb Street following the president’s resignation. Viewed
over 340,000, his chant follows the same melody as a shaabi chant, complete
with percussion and the crowd chanting along the chorus. Watch him take requests
from the audience and improvise on the spot. 

Mr Nana, Tahrir’s Got
: this funny video shows an amateur comedian sketch of an Indian expert
advising demonstrators on how to deal with the status quo. Watch the second part here; it’s been viewed over 60,000 times.

Hosni Etganen: a short
but funny video of demonstrators chanting in Tahrir, this clip has been viewed
over 97,500 times and has even been downloaded as a ringtone mp3 by some

Viewed over 100,000 times, this clip shows
demonstrators in Tahrir Square performing a zar, a traditional exorcism, in the hoping of ousting ‘the

El Kedb Hasry Al
Television Al Masry:
this tongue-in-cheek and witty amateur video shows two men
claiming that the crowds of people celebrating on Friday, February 12, 2011 are
in fact celebrating a wedding, and that any claims of the President’s
resignation are false.