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What to Watch this Eid: Eid Al Adha Film & Play Guide

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What to Watch this Eid: Eid Al Adha Film & Play Guide
written by
Malak Gharib
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One of Egypt’s cherished Eid rituals is celebrating Eid in cinemas and theatres, honouring Egyptian cinema and art. We have compiled a list of movies taking over Egyptian cinemas, as well as plays the whole family can enjoy during the upcoming vacation.



1- Welad Rizk 3 Al Qadya 

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Welad Rizk is back with the third edition of the movie series. Written by Salah El Gehiny and starring Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Karim Kassem, and Asser Yassin, Welad Rizk 3 will start screening on June 13th and will be in cinemas throughout Eid Al Adha. 


2- El Le3b Ma3 El Ayal 

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El Le3b Ma3 El Ayal is an action comedy starring Mohamed Emam, Asmaa Galal, and Bassem Samra. The movie started screening on June 12th. 


3- 3esabet El Max 

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3esabet El Max was released in theatres on June 12th with a stellar cast! Starring Ahmed Fahmy, Ruby, Lebeba, Mohamed Tharwat, and Osos the movie is guaranteed to make you laugh. 



1- Msh Romeo W Juliet 

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Ali El Hagar’s last appearance on stage as an actor took place 13 years ago. Now, he is back with Msh Romeo W Juliet this Eid. The play will take place on the national theatre’s stage during Eid Al Adha. Alongside Rania Farid Shawky and Mohamed Adel, Ali El Hagar is also expected to perform multiple songs throughout the play, making it highly anticipated in the musical realm. 


2- Mimo 

After its vast success in Saudi Arabia’s Riydah season, Mimo is back home, taking over the Grand Nile Tower’s theatre stage. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be amazed as Ahmed Helmy takes us on a voyage criticizing social media in a comedic and meaningful plot.  


3- 3amel Ala’

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The dynamic duo of Egyptian theatre are back once again; Sahar El Sayeigh and Sameh Hussein will be screening 3amel Ala’ starting the second day of Eid in Dokki’s Baloon Theatre. Make sure to indulge in the comedy and musical performance that will delight you. 


4- Cinema 30 

The theatrical troupe presents the second part of the play Cinema 30 at Al Hayah Theater on the third day of Eid. It is written by Mahmoud Gamal Hadini, directed by Ahmed Haddad, and stars the young talents from the second class of the Al Gharb Theater team. The play is inspired by Cinema 30, the first Egyptian black-and-white sound film performed on stage.


5- Zat W El Reda’ Al Ahmar

Cairo Puppet Theater is preparing to present a new play titled Zat W El Reda’ Al Ahmar inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, written by Walid Kamal and directed by Nadia El Shweikh. The show explores the relationship between generations. The performance beautifully blends tradition with modernity in an enjoyable dramatic format, offering a stunning visual experience for children!