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5 Meditation Videos and Applications to Keep You Calm

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5 Meditation Videos and Applications to Keep You Calm
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

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    You have all the time to relax and clear up your mind while staying safe at home. To help you achieve a calm state of mind, take a look at the following videos and applications that offer tips on meditation:

    Meditation for Anxiety

    All you need to do is find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down, and Adriene will guide you through simple steps in around 15 minutes that will combat your anxious vibes.



    (Via BetterMe.World)

    The app offers you meditation tips that fit your lifestyle, along with bedtime stories that will help you sleep soundly. It also featured a library of music to aid relaxation.

    Find out more about BetterMe’s meditation means here.


    Find Peace in Uncertain Times

    You probably have not seen the beach in a while, so watching the clear waters and hearing the soothing instructions of Boho Beautiful will surely help you achieve inner tranquillity.


    Smiling Mind

    (Via App Store)

    This app was developed by psychologists to create balance in people’s lives, by offering various programmes that are tailored for age groups starting from 7 years old.



    (Via Calmworks)

    With over 30,000 guided sessions featured on the app, InsightTimer is your perfect getaway from stressful circumstances. Expect relaxing music, along with pep talks by Indian yogi Sadhguru, and psychotherapist Anthony DeMello.