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7 Trendy and Budget-Friendly Sports Stores in Cairo

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7 Trendy and Budget-Friendly Sports Stores in Cairo
written by
Christina John

Image credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

Believe it or not, 2022 starts in about three months, and we know you still haven’t started your “get  fit” New Year’s resolution from two years ago. But it’s never too late to start! What can get you more hyped for a workout than a new pair of leggings and some cool sneakers? Or maybe new equipment? Here’s a list of places to get you all set and ready to move.


This new Spanish store has recently opened two branches in Mall of Arabia and City Stars Mall. The extremely affordable prices and the high-quality items will definitely blow your mind. We say that because a pack of three sturdy sports tops is only 219 LE for kids, and their collection of adult sneakers include pairs that start at 359 LE! With a wide selection of sportswear for men, women, and kids, you will be able to get the entire family ready for a morning run in style!


We can’t remember a time or an event when H&M didn’t have our backs and always offered the right pieces at the right time. A new sportswear collection was released about two months ago, and we just can’t get over its trendy nude shades and diverse items! From shorts for 399 LE to sports bras for 449 LE and caps for 140 LE, H&M will have you adding items to your cart like there’s no tomorrow.


Mixing technology with sportswear, Sigma is a revolutionary brand that will ensure you get the most pleasant workout experience. Their game-changing nanotechnology treated pieces are hydrophobic so your workout clothes won’t soak up any liquid, not even sweat. Their new collection, Four Elements, includes numerous suitable options for hijab wearers and many everyday t-shirt options. You can find items for as low as 245 LE.


We have loved DeFacto for years now, and we have always appreciated the fact that their prices make it seem like they have a year-round discount. It gets even better with their comfy collection of leggings, sweats, and hoodies. An oversized hoodie will set you back only about 299 LE. Their practical yet stylish fashion approach makes it suitable for morning runs, tiring leg days at the gym, or an uber-chic dog walk!


All the sports gear you need in one place. Skateboards, rollerblades, and hiking kits for all ages and all tastes – you name it! The prices are also considerably affordable for a massive labyrinth of a store with giant aisles stacked with everything an athlete needs. You can find durable squash rackets or boxing gloves starting from 399 LE.

Sports Mall

Established back in 1994, this all-sport store has been providing sporty essentials for Egypt’s top athletes for quite some time now. They have everything you need, including the trophies and gym equipment, for wallet-friendly prices. To go along with your new outfit, you can get a stationary bike for home workout routines for only 7,250 L.E.


All the brands you love in one place. From Sketchers to Adidas and Nike. Throughout the years, Intersport has opened multiple branches across Egypt to get us equipped and ready for our workout routines. And if you are in search of a yoga mat, you can find all the variety you need starting from 295 LE, and if you want to try skateboarding, you can find skateboards starting from 799 L.E.