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9 Tips to Keep You Safe & Healthy This Eid

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9 Tips to Keep You Safe & Healthy This Eid
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Eid al-Adha is synonymous with three things; meat, meat, and even more meat. From traditional Fattah to well-done steak, tis the season – for meat lovers- to be jolly. While red meat dishes taste delicious, if you aren’t careful, they can be quite harmful. This is why we at Cairo 36o are presenting you with some health tips for those looking to feast on some delicious meat this Eid al-Adha.

1. Before buying/cooking meat make sure it has a rosy/pink colour, especially if it is goat or lamb’s meat. The presence of this colour is indication of good quality meat. 

2. If you are buying beef or veal, the meat ought to have a more reddish colour.

3. Make sure that the meat you buying has been properly stored in a fridge, and hasn’t been left uncovered and exposed.

4. The meat’s fat must be of a yellowish colour. Again, the presence of this colour indicates good quality. 

5. When there are pieces of gristle located between the fat and the meat, this could be an indication of the animal’s old age, and therefore of the meat’s poor quality. 

6. The meat must be free of blue blotches/marks, especially in areas where there is bone. 

7. Beef is the best kind of meat, as it is light and easy to digest in comparison with other types of meat. 

8. Drink lots and lots of water. Red meat is a great source of protein; this means that you need to drink loads of water in order to help your body process and digest it. 

9. Buy your meat from a trusted source. 


Happy feasting, Cairenes!