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AFCON 2019: Everything You Need to Know

AFCON 2019: Everything You Need to Know
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    Cairo 360

    If you’ve been online, you probably know about all the news we’ve been hitting you with lately regarding Egypt’s latest achievement of hosting the AFCON 2019 starting June. Indeed, the brightest light in Egyptian soccer in recent years has been the emergence of Mo Salah as an international superstar, carving his way into the lineup of world-class players.

    Earlier this January, it was reported that six stadiums in Cairo, Al-Salam, Alexandria, Ismailia, Suez, and Port Said Stadiums, will be hosting the games during the period of the championship. Certainly, a lot of updates and news have been published since then, including an article we wrote about a week ago regarding the Tazkarty app.  It has been stated that Egypt has been developing an online platform for booking our tickets for the matches, so we can avoid going through the hassle of purchasing from the black market or looking for someone to trade for a ridiculous amount of cash. The app went live on the 21st of this month. Our sister site, Cairo Gossip, also told you guys all about Tut: AFCON’s official mascot.

    Apart from that, we have been told that all measures to ensure that the venue is all set for hosting the games have been taken into consideration, based on the Prime Minister’s inspection of Cairo Stadium.

    What if you – probably like most of us – are among the unfortunate folk who won’t be able to bag a ticket? Don’t worry, we, as always, have got your back! There has been an advertisement informing all our fellow soccer fans and gurus that Egypt has finally dedicated an official channel, set to air all the AFCON matches under the name of “Time Sports”.

    Put on your national shirts, and let’s cheer!