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Affordable Friends to Therapy

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Affordable Friends to Therapy
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader

    Therapy can be a great way to improve your mental health, but it can also be hard to afford. Finding the right therapist that fits is a challenge for some people, while others may not be comfortable speaking to someone at all just yet. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your mental health, though. Here are a few options to explore before giving up on getting better. 

    *Please seek the appropriate, professional help if you need to*  


    If you’re facing an urgent crisis and feel like you have nowhere else to turn, then consider calling an emergency hotline. The Ministry of Health has established a hotline that you can call on 0220816831 that will also direct you to a mental health facility. Female victims of sexual harassment and assault can contact The National Council for Women at 15115. Students can also check with their universities for mental health support.  

    Support from Family and Friends  

    Having a network of people that you can trust and confide in is a great way to help with recovery. A strong support system has been shown to have a significant positive impact on mental health. It also helps to avoid self-isolation and feelings of loneliness.  


    For some of us, opening up to others may seem impossible. Journaling can be a method that allows you to express your feelings instead of bottling them up without having to speak to anyone. Keeping a journal can help cope with feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety and eliminates the fear of judgment.  

    Self-Help Books 

    We know what you’re thinking. They’re cheesy and full of cliches we’re all sick of hearing.   However, most people haven’t really given them a chance or tried to use the advice. There are tons of best-sellers and therapist-recommended books offering strategies to improve your well-being, like the popular, recently published The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.        


    Another questionable-sounding method, but meditation has always been known as a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is a technique involving mindfulness or concentrating on a particular thing in order to achieve a calm and peaceful state. It is also an integral part of yoga, which is known for its health benefits.