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An Athlete looking for a Chance to Shine? Nafess Will Find You a Place Under the Sun

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An Athlete looking for a Chance to Shine? Nafess Will Find You a Place Under the Sun
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    While the entire nation is obsessed with football, The Premiere League, and Mo Salah, there are plenty of overlooked and underappreciated athletes, whose sports and achievements are overshadowed.

    Shedding light on some of the less popular sports and hardworking participants, local platform, Nafess, curate a host of sporting events and championships, in which athletes can enrol, play, and win. Founded by Mohammed Hamouda in 2019, Nafess gathers various sportsmen and women from across the nation and has already hosted four championships in sports like tennis, squash, swimming, and snooker.

    The first season of the championships included a total of 1200 people and was attended by around 20000 spectators. And just like any other championship, the winners were given valued prizes, which will hopefully encourage more athletes to attend and take part in the second season.

    Speaking of which, the second edition will include the same sports as the first season, in addition to electronic games, in which the winners will also receive various prizes. What’s new is that Nafess will choose 10 of the best performers, who will earn a spot in an exclusive training camp that will be supervised by a team of professional athletes and trainers. This team will evaluate the chosen players’ physical and mental stamina, before finally choosing one lucky participant to get a year sponsorship from Nafess.    

    Nafess’s good cause aims to seek and find sports talents that have what it takes to become champions, and provide the moral and professional support they need to find a place in the spotlight.