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AntiFat: Kiss Your Ramadan Weight Goodbye!

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AntiFat: Kiss Your Ramadan Weight Goodbye!
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Cairo 360

Featured image via AntiFat’s Facebook page.


Ramadan is not only the month of gatherings and TV series, Ramadan is also the month of delicious food from savoury treats to sweet delights. As such, Ramadan has often been – justifiably – associated with weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. This is why today we are introducing you to AntiFat.

Mohamed Safwan, founder of AntiFat, never really planned to build an award-winning business and leave his mark on the region’s highly-competitive food industry, but he currently has a monopoly over the market, with an idea that is relatively new to Cairo’s food scene.

AntiFat is an online business that seeks to help individuals make healthier food choices by offering them different options to enable them to eat more healthily. In addition to AntiFat’s personalised meal plans, they offer on-demand delivery services.

The idea behind AntiFat is that they send you three meals every day for a month with the correct calories and nutrients your body needs. They allow you to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, without having to think about cooking healthy meals. That being said, while healthy food typically has a reputation for not being tasty, AntiFat is the exception; their meals are fresh, yummy, and they offer a wide variety of dishes.

This service is quite popular, with many celebrities signing up for Safwan’s meal plans. Indeed, Safwan is gaining a lot of attention through the media as he has been hosted on several channels on television like El Setat May3rfosh Yekdebo and Heya w Bas. This kind of business is what Egypt needs before summer.

AntiFat additionally offers workout plans to go with their meal plans. As such, AntiFat offers an easy, breezy, and comprehensive approach to weight loss and healthy living, making them your go-to option should you want to not gain Ramadan weight, or should you wish to start working on your summer body after Ramadan ends.

For more information head to AntiFat’s Facebook page, or call them on 01102002002.