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As-Salam International Hospital Creates Special Precautionary Measures to Ensure a Safe Medical Experience during COVID 19 Pandemic

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As-Salam International Hospital Creates Special Precautionary Measures to Ensure a Safe Medical Experience during COVID 19 Pandemic
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    Everyone is adapting to the current situation resulting from the pandemic outbreak, trying to keep most of their former daily routines, while minimising the chances of infection by abiding by all the suggested safety measures. Establishments like shops, cafés, and malls are also adopting a set of guidelines that protect both staff members and clients.

    But when it comes to healthcare facilities, which are at the forefront of handling this pandemic; the needed safety measures are of different level. To ensure that patients and caregivers are fully protected inside the hospital campus, As-Salam International Hospital has implemented an unprecedented model of precautionary measures.

    Today, no healthcare institution claims to offer a foolproof process to avoid COVID-19 patients’ presence in their establishment. The only possible solution, which has been adopted across the world, is to find a way to coexist with the pandemic, while taking all safety measures.

    As-Salam International Hospital has put a strict protocol to separate COVID-19 patients and other patients. The hospital moved its chest & ENT (ear, nose, and throat) outpatient clinic outside its main OPD (Outpatient Clinics Department), while the hospital’s main emergency room is for non-COVID-19 patients.

    The team working in Chest ER and OPD area follow full PPE (personal protective equipment) protocol and are fully prepared to handle any patient coming with symptoms of COVID-19, while staff members working inside the hospital’s ER take care of all the other patients needing immediate attention.

    At the entrance to the OPD block, they have a thermal monitoring device, which beeps the moment it identifies any visitor with high temperature, who are then sent to Chest OPD immediately. No staff, patient, or visitor, is allowed inside the hospital without mask or sanitising their hands.

    Each patient admitted for a surgical procedure is screened by a chest consultant to rule out any symptoms of COVID-19, and once cleared for surgery, the patient moves to OR (Operating Room).

    Patients with symptoms coming to the ED or OPD and needing immediate admission are transferred to the dedicated the isolation floor or ICU through a separate pathway. The hospital has been divided into two zones to avoid any chance of patients or staff mixing. The pathway created for suspected cases has its own dedicated elevators, radiology equipment, food and beverages service, and dedicated staff.

    The hospital has also taken extra care of ventilation, implementing activated carbon HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to ensure non-contaminated airflow, as well as using germicidal UV-C light lamps.

    As-Salam International Hospital has always been among the best healthcare providers in the region, so no wonder it has taken safety to a new level.