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Aya Fouad: The Fittest Female in Egypt Is Going Global!

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Aya Fouad: The Fittest Female in Egypt Is Going Global!
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Cairo 360

Featured image via Cairo Gyms


If we take a look back in history, we will find that some of today’s iconic figures started their career paths at a very young age. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates started their conglomerate businesses when they were basically teenagers. Imagine that?! This proves the common belief that “age is just a number”. These days, Egypt has its fair share of young entrepreneurs, such as Mai Medhat and Abdelhameed Sharara. Today, we will introduce to you another young source of Egyptian pride in the field of sports; the fittest woman in Egypt – Aya Fouad.

Her resume alone is most impressive. According to Cairo Gyms, Fouad used to be a former track and field national champ (javelin thrower) and a rugby player in the Alex Rugby Club. CrossFit was introduced into her life in 2017. It was then that she first decided to join the CrossFit Open (scaled division), and despite her amateur status, she slayed the competition and ranked 1st place in all of Africa! Since then, she has received an uninterrupted list of accolades, with the help of her new coach, Loai Abdelkader.

CrossFit Tycoons, the first CrossFit affiliate in Alexandria, summarised her achievements in a post, celebrating her crowning as the fittest woman in Egypt. They stated, “We’re extremely proud to announce that our Champ Aya Fouad is THE FITTEST WOMAN IN EGYPT, and Egypt’s Female National Champ for The CrossFit Games Open 2019. This Year, Aya proved that she’s a very well-rounded athlete who’s making a huge progress every single year, she was 4th Fittest In Egypt last year at the CrossFit Open 2018, and The Fittest In Africa (Scaled Division) in 2017!! Thank you is not enough Aya, The extra effort you and everyone in #TycoonsTribe put in along this amazing journey is appreciated!! Now it’s time to get the support you deserve from everyone celebrating not only ‘Tycoons Champ’ but ‘Egypt’s National Champ’ AYA FOUAD!!”

Currently, the champion is preparing to represent Egypt alongside Egypt’s fittest man, Mohamed El-Omda, to compete for the title of “The Fittest Athlete on Earth”, among 600 of the greatest competitors in the planet, at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, which will take place in August in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Alliant Energy Center.

For the first time in history, we’re going to witness Egyptian Champions competing at the CrossFit Games 2019!