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Be Yourself: A Newly Launched Campaign to Counter Cosmetic Surgery

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Be Yourself: A Newly Launched Campaign to Counter Cosmetic Surgery
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    Cairo 360

    When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Happy or sad? More importantly, do you like what you see? If the answer is yes, good for you! You’re content with the face or body that God has given you and believe that no matter the amount of attractiveness on the outside, the true appealing factors lie within. Sure, some people will say that’s a huge cliché, maybe a bit of an unfair statement and we’re being a bit overdramatic, but we genuinely believe in the value and power of inner beauty, whether for a man or woman.

    Once more, there are undoubtedly those who disagree with what we say and decide to resolve the issue of “not liking what they see” by altering the body part that they dislike. That’s right –  people often resort to plastic or cosmetic surgery. Just to be clear, we’re not referring to reconstructive surgery, such as microsurgery, the treatment of burns, etc., but the aesthetic surgery that aims to “improve” appearance.

    According to Egypt Independent, two heroines, Sandra Stephan and Sandra Magdy, are attempting to counter the spread of cosmetic surgery through a campaign, called “Be Yourself”, as well as raise awareness on its risks. Moreover, it aims to strengthen women’s self-confidence and pride in natural beauty, a vision that both co-founders share. The source also tells us that Stephan, a Cairo University engineering graduate, believes women do not need to perform cosmetic surgery to be beautiful, and that this message should be promoted in the Arab world today. She referred to the golden-era actresses, such as Soad Hosny, the Cinderella of Egyptian cinema, and others, who are the main inspiration behind the launch of the campaign.

    In conclusion, and to avoid any misconceptions, we’re not trying to disparage those who partake in the world of cosmetic surgery. All we’re trying to say is that your God-given beauty will always be more appealing than any artificial replacement that will fade away over time and eventually leave you with what lies beneath the surface. 

    Over the course of a month, Magdy and Sara held sessions with the two girls and convinced them to refrain from cosmetic surgery, by accentuating their positive personal traits. We hope this number grows more and more women are persuaded over time!