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Break a Sweat in These Local Sportswear Brands

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Break a Sweat in These Local Sportswear Brands
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

Sportswear isn’t just limited to gym bros anymore. Athleisure has become one of the biggest (and most comfortable) trends of the past few years. From lounging around in sweats to throwing on your workout leggings to walk around campus, sportswear is now a fashion essential. Plus having some cute new gym clothes might finally inspire you to actually go. 

Brands like Nike or Adidas have dominated the global market for years, but our own local brands are giving them some serious competition. If you’re looking for some stylish new gym fits or just want to add a few more comfortable options to your wardrobe, then check out these Egyptian sportswear brands. 

Sigma Fit @sigmafitegypt

Sigma Fit is giving us some of the most cutting-edge designs for sportswear on the market. Owned by three engineers, this tech-wear company incorporates smart technology into your clothes for the optimal workout gear. They’ve integrated hydrophobic technology into the fabric keeping any liquid from soaking in, and any odour from leaking out. Their products also have cooling, heating, anti-bacterial and more.  Most products range from about 200 to 400 EGP. 

Boddiction @boddiction 

Perfect for your next gym sesh or just day-to-day activities, this brand’s outfits combine quality materials with stylish designs. Boddiction’s latest collection has been developed using a custom-made Lycra/Spandex Xtralife Fabric to give you the perfect fit. Their range of tops, bottoms, leggings and swimsuits is totally instagrammable and can be dressed up or down. 

Gym Apparel @gymapparelegypt

Not only does this brand sell gym clothes, but it’s also got accessories like water bottles to match. Designed and stitched in Egypt since 2013, Gym Apparel aims to combine sportswear with streetwear using the latest trends in fashion. With high-quality fabrics, their clothes optimise comfort and functionality. Clothing lines are especially varied for men. 

Nexus @nexus_sw

You’ll be getting those gains in no time thanks to Nexus’s revolutionary sportswear. Their designs are super flattering and come in a variety of eye-catching colours. Girls will love the seamless finish that the leggings give them, while men have a wide range of training and performance outfits to choose from.  

Libra @librasportswear 

These innovators in modest sportswear are doing the best they can to make sure all girls feel included in the world of athletics. Libra’s clothes are made by women for women utilising the latest in high-tech automation. Hijabs, hoodies, shirts and leggings are all available in their lightweight nylon fabrics.