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Breast Cancer Awareness: Statistics and Prosthetics

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Statistics and Prosthetics
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    Aminah Keevy

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    Pink-Tober comes to a close this week, but as we all know, the fight against breast cancer (and all types of cancer) must keep going. In the hopes of maintaining growth in knowledge and overall understanding of the world’s most common cancer, we have collected tidbits of useful information pertaining to modern medical advancements and present accessibility to various prosthetics. Here are a few facts about breast cancer to keep in mind as we head into November:

    Most Common Cancer

    With 2.26 million new cases worldwide in 2020, it’s no wonder that doctors and researchers are steadfast in their search for a cure. As one of the top five death-causing cancers after lung, colon, liver, and stomach cancers, breast cancer remains a top priority, not only for the health of women but men as well.

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    Breast Cancer in Men

    Although the lifetime risk of breast cancer diagnosis is only 1 in 833 men, the fact remains that an estimated 530 men will die of breast cancer in 2021. While it remains an extreme risk for women, larger emphasis should be put on the process of breast tissue exams and preventative tests for men. That being said, if surgery is necessary and part, all, or both breasts are removed, plenty of replacement options exist.

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    Breast Prosthesis

    Available as full or partial prosthetics, there are several temporary and permanent prosthetics to choose from. Silicone shells fill out any asymmetrical portions of the chest while stick-ons adhere directly to the skin. Other options than the gel-like silicone include lighter polypropylene bead or foam prosthesis.

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    As daunting as the disease may be, there are resources and support groups designed for people to reach out to. Look into these organisations doing the most for breast cancer in Egypt and check out where to get a mammogram in Cairo to stay on top of your preventative health plan.

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