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Bright Hearts Academy: Enhancing the Skills & Well-Being of People With Disabilities

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Bright Hearts Academy: Enhancing the Skills & Well-Being of People With Disabilities
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    When we were young, our family and friends always asked us the same question; “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As the years went by, our answers changed as we were exposed more and more to life’s endless possibilities. Basically, the world was our oyster. Now, imagine a child or adult who is struggling to find even one answer to this question, because they have special needs. Why should their disabilities restrict them from pursuing their dreams? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the protagonist of our story, Bright Hearts, comes into play. In this piece, we celebrate their latest launch at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

    Who better to explain the nature of Bright Hearts than the organisation itself?! They define themselves as an academy that aims to enhance both the skills and overall well-being of people with disabilities, and allow them to easily penetrate the labour market by teaching them valuable know-how through specialist-led training workshops and medical treatment.

    What type of special needs do they address? Well, their target audiences are those with intellectual, mental, and learning disabilities; those with motor impairment; as well as individuals on the spectrum for autism, from birth up to the age of 55. The academy’s ultimate objective is to support these people to integrate themselves into the community and work in the field of their choice.

    The variety of workshops is rather extraordinary. Their 3-level workshops, led by technical consultants of different associations that are specialised in special needs, help each individual through manual or mental games. They include cooking, music, drama, sports, arts & crafts, planting, photography, origami, and graphics workshops.

    As for the medical treatments, they amplify the workshops’ wholesome purpose with the aid of several professional doctors that provide clients with the necessary therapeutic practices alongside the workshops. These treatments include behaviour modification, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, assessment units, speech therapy, sensory rooms, skills development, nutrition, and an additional IQ test.

    On the 13th of April from 11:30 am to 8 pm, Bright Hearts was introduced to the Egyptian society as it hosted a massive launch event. The main goal of the event was to raise awareness among the target audience about the academy, as well as to promote their social cause. VIP guests, government officials, and media representatives were in attendance, not to mention Carmen Soliman’s moving performance at the end of the evening. You can view the coverage of the event on our Instagram page

    One of the most interesting segments in the event was the workshop activities that lasted for approximately 4 hours. According to Bright Hearts, the garden of the hotel was split into several areas, and each area had a head coach of one of the workshops offered in the academy. This mini-project gave a simple visualisation of the workshops on offer in Bright Hearts, to prove that people with disabilities can have a real and positive effect in our society, just like anyone else. Bright Hearts is definitely on the right track to offer help to those who truly deserve it. Be sure to follow their updates and achievements on social media.