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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Health & Fitness Award Winners

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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Health & Fitness Award Winners
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Safy Allam

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast who goes to the gym regularly or simply need a push to get some movement every once in a while, there’s no denying the importance of fitness. We’ve scoured Cairo to bring you the best gyms, fitness, and wellness centres in this comprehensive list of ECA Award winners.


Body Shapers

Ready to transform your body? Body Shapers offers personalised training programmes designed to meet your specific fitness goals. With affordable pricing and a range of exciting and beginner-friendly classes, Body Shapers make beginning your fitness journey a breeze.


Gold’s Gym

Even if you’re not a regular at the gym, everyone in Cairo is familiar with Gold’s Gyms. This renowned global chain has earned its stellar reputation across the capital for many reasons, including its advanced equipment, professional trainers, and exclusive packages. At Gold’s Gyms, workouts truly set the gold standard.



As the name suggests, Hers is an exclusive ladies-only gym championing some girl power! Hers empowers women through personalised workouts and group training sessions in international programmes, including Zumba, Les Mills, and a wide variety of classes. To all the ladies out there, Hers is more than just a gym—it’s a haven for you to pamper yourselves, complete with a spa, jacuzzi, and beauty facilities.


Mudra Yoga Studio

Relax and meditate within the heart of Zamalek at Mudra Yoga Studio. This is your go-to destination for relaxation and rejuvenation through yoga and meditation. In a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, they offer a variety of classes, including yoga, Vinyasa, gymnastics, Sufi healing, and various meditation sessions.


Nūn Center

Discover the perfect balance at Nūn Center, a holistic health and wellness haven nestled in the heart of Cairo. Located in a tranquil Zamalek villa, Nūn provides a serene escape from the city’s hectic pace. Dedicated to personal well-being, Nūn customises its services to meet your unique needs. Visitors can enjoy a variety of yoga sessions, including the beloved puppy yoga, sound and movement healing sessions, and even emergency response classes.


Samia Allouba

If you haven’t attended one of the classes at one of Samia Allouba’s Gym Dance & Fitness Centers, then this is your call to go! As one of Egypt’s most renowned fitness figures, she’s become a household name. From ballet to body pump, her centres offer a wide array of classes. With branches scattered throughout Cairo, Samia Allouba shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Osana Family Wellness

At Osana Family Wellness, the entire family can discover tranquillity through a range of holistic and healing activities tailored for all ages. In addition to yoga and pilates, you can indulge in various holistic therapy treatments. Where else in Cairo can you unwind in a picturesque garden and partake in diverse wellness workshops all under one roof?



For those seeking a true challenge, head to Ignite in Madinaty, Almaza, Heliopolis, or New Cairo. Ignite is not only a world-class gym. It also specialises in performance training and rehabilitation, with additional offerings, including fitness camps and corporate wellness workshops.


BeFit 360

BeFit, boasting 18 training facilities all over Egypt, is dedicated to transforming lifestyles for those ready to embrace change. Introducing Egyptians to a novel approach to fitness, BeFit employs functional training methods, including group training, personal training, online training, and nutrition programmes. BeFit provides comprehensive options for all.


Project Pole

Step into the realm of pole dancing and aerial arts at Project Pole, where fitness meets fun. This studio offers an exclusive space for ladies to enhance core strength and flexibility while dancing the night away. Defy gravity with various classes, including pole dancing, aerial hoop, and aerial silk, and discover a new level of fitness and empowerment.



With four branches around Cairo, LA7 gyms have initiated a fitness revolution. Their mission goes beyond traditional gym offerings by redefining the fitness industry and delivering rapid and remarkable physical and mental transformations. At LA7, membership is more than access to equipment; it’s a gateway to a better, healthier lifestyle. Committed to fostering peak performance, they ensure you experience a fun workout and maintain a balanced lifestyle.


Central Studio

Transforming students from beginners to professionals, Central Studio offers a holistic dance programme. Students are fully immersed in all aspects of the industry, finding a nurturing environment for personal growth and expression. Central Studio empowers dancers of all ages and levels to connect deeply through music, movement and shared passion, whether they aspire to perform, be professional dancers, or simply enjoy dancing for themselves.



Danzone Studio is a leading professional dance school offering diverse classes tailored to all ages and skill levels. From dance camps to inspiring events with charitable causes, their programmes encompass a wide range of styles, including ballet, table, poi, street dance, and more, catering to the preferences of music and dance enthusiasts alike.


Hammam AlSultan

Offering a distinctively Moroccan-themed massage and spa experience, Hammam AlSultan ensures each visit is truly unforgettable. They prioritise self-care and wellness, introducing innovative health packages such as Moroccan baths, Turkish baths, salt caves, and speciality massages. Whether you seek a solo escape or a shared indulgence with loved ones, their diverse range of packages promises a soulful journey of relaxation and inner peace.


Ghazal Health Centre

A sanctuary for holistic wellness, Ghazal Health Centre is where you’ll feel pampered from head to toe. Offering a range of services, including facial cleansing, haircare, nail care, and Moroccan baths, their centre provides tailored spa and massage packages for both men and women. Whether you’re seeking individual treatments or group experiences with loved ones, they offer personalised packages to suit your unique preferences and needs.


Body Temple

Situated within Lake House – The Club, The Body Temple complex offers a top-tier fitness experience with modern equipment and specialised zones catering to various training needs. Alongside separate locker rooms equipped with sauna, steam, and Jacuzzi necessities, the facility is dedicated to innovative fitness techniques promoting holistic well-being.


Iridium Spa

Immerse yourself in the luxurious experience of Iridium Spa, where Eastern and Western traditions seamlessly merge. With eight exclusive treatment suites, hydrotherapy, and exclusive spa amenities, each visit is an indulgent escape. From Pharaonic rituals to a range of facial treatments and cleansing retreats for self-discovery, their spa offers a variety of options tailored to your needs.


Resense Spa

The luxurious Resense Spa, housed in Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski in Cairo, offers the ultimate holistic wellness and elegance. To achieve complete body-mind harmony, their award-winning spa combines Eastern and Western traditions to provide a tranquil journey. Their spa offers eight treatment rooms, private saunas, steam rooms, and an indoor pool and staff that guarantees a customised experience based on your unique requirements, turning your spa visit into a memorable getaway.


Aroka Healing Center

Discover the art of specialised Thai massage and traditional healing therapy at Aroka Healing Center in Maadi, Zamalek, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed. From prenatal massage to gua sha skincare and Tok Sen Thai hammering massage, their unique services cater to your individual needs. Each spa and massage package is expertly crafted to provide a distinct yet refreshing experience, ensuring you leave feeling relaxed and restored.


The Heavenly Spa

More than just a haven of luxury treatments, The Heavenly Spa embodies a wellness philosophy aimed at refreshing and pampering your senses. With a range of treatments designed to revive you from head to toe, they invite you to care for your well-being.


Roof.flow Yoga Studio

Experience a tranquil getaway with a hint of Sinai ambience at the Roof.flow Yoga Studio rooftop oasis! Roof.flow brings Sinai’s rustic charm and relaxed vibes to Cairo, offering a serene yoga studio where you can discover balance amidst the cityscape.


Nev Spa

Dive into holistic wellness at NEV Spa & Wellness, located in Cairo Festival, New Cairo, and Park Street Mall, Sheikh Zayed. Promoting a healthier lifestyle, their centre offers a comprehensive range of services under one roof. Enjoy massages, body scrubs, and facials from professional therapists, with packages designed for maximum benefit. Leave feeling pampered and revitalised.