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Cairo Guide to Gyms in Ramadan

Cairo Guide to Gyms in Ramadan
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    One week into Ramadan, and you may already
    be feeling the effect of the scrumptious fetar food that you have consumed,
    which is bound to add a few kilos to that healthy body of yours.

    Luckily, gyms in Cairo have adjusted their schedules according
    to Ramadan timing, with many staying open a little later to ensure that all of
    that konafa doesn’t send your body into overload. We’ve listed a few gyms
    in Cairo that
    will be open and waiting for you.

    Gold’s Gym: With branches all over Cairo from Maadi to Sheikh
    Zayed, Gold’s Gym is one of the most multifunctional fitness facilities around;
    and the hefty membership price shows. The Maadi location will be open from 6AM
    till 1AM; perfect for a post-fetar workout. Although the gym will stay open
    during fetar, personal trainers will not be available. The Sheikh Zayed branch will
    also be open a little later, from 9AM to 1AM.

    This local gym chain seems to be in
    fierce competition with Gold’s, though they have smaller facilities and a
    smaller fee (600LE per month) as well. Maadi’s branch will be open from 8AM to 11PM,
    though it will be closed from 6PM till 7:30PM for fetar. Aerobic classes will
    be held every day from 8:30PM to 9:30PM or from 9:30PM to 10:30PM except for
    Thursdays. In Mohandiseen, the women’s
    only gym can be accessed from 8AM till 11PM while the co-ed gym will be open
    until 1AM.

    and Fitness Academy:
    The Health and Fitness Academy in Mohandiseen will be open for
    men from 7AM till 1AM and for women from 7AM till 10PM.

    FDA: The Fitness and Dance
    Academy in Zamalek’s
    Yamama Centre is literally the only major gym in the neighbourhood, which is
    sad since its facilities are sub-par. No
    classes will be offered during Ramadan, though the regular gym will be open from
    6AM till 1AM.

    With only one branch in Heliopolis,
    World Gym offers a monthly membership for 800LE, and although few classes are
    offered, there are a wide range of free weights and machines on site. Opening
    hours are from 9AM till 1:30AM. The gym will remain open during fetar and all
    classes are available as usual.

    This all-women’s workout studio has only one branch in Heliopolis . Known for its
    pilates classes, this is a great gym for a hassle-free, hardcore workout class.
    Prices are reasonable at only 40LE for a walk-in class. The first class during
    the day starts at 12:30PM every day except for Fridays, though the studio is
    closed during fetar.

    Curves: Another
    women’s-only gym, Curves has nearly ten branches across Cairo and has taken women’s fitness to a
    whole new level. During Ramadan, the Maadi and Mohandiseen branches will be
    open from 9AM till 2:30PM and from 5PM till 8:30PM with Fridays off.

    When you’re not busy inhaling all of that
    delicious home cooked food and hanging out with loved ones, take the
    opportunity to treat your body to a healthy dose of exercise. For more gyms in
    your area, check out our events listing.