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Christmas in the Capital: Healthy Holiday Recipes

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Christmas in the Capital: Healthy Holiday Recipes
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    Leena Torky

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    The holiday season is here! Many of us are preparing for various Thanksgiving and Christmas themed events over the coming weeks, and while this time of year is certainly full of joy, it can also be full of stress if you have certain dietary restrictions. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply trying to reduce your meat or dairy intake, it can be difficult to find foods that accommodate your lifestyle during this decadent time of year. Whether you are hosting or attending a dinner party and want to bring a dish that you can eat, we’re here to help with a few veg-friendly recipes that are bound to satisfy herbivores and carnivores alike!


    This one is usually easy to recreate without any animal products. Instead of butter, use olive oil, and instead of chicken or turkey broth, just use a vegetable bouillon cube or a homemade veggie broth. Check out this recipe for more inspiration.

    Green Bean Casserole

    Normally this creamy dish is quite a treat, but not for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant! Luckily, this recipe is totally dairy free and absolutely delicious! It also doesn’t take long to make.  I personally use this recipe every holiday season and I haven’t had a single complaint. 

    Mac n Cheese

    Okay, so there tends to be a bit of a debate over whether or not this truly constitutes as a Thanksgiving food, but loads of people seem to think it does! So, if you want to have a cheesy pasta dish at your Thanksgiving (or Christmas) dinner table, this recipe for a cashew-based sauce is free of dairy! Feeling a little lazy? Earth Deli has a ready-made melting vegan cheese sauce that you can simply heat and pour over some pasta. Voila!

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    Although baked sweet potatoes are heavenly enough on their own, you can go the extra mile and make a hearty sweet potato casserole. Yum! Check out this healthy recipe for ideas 

    Veggie Roast

    Ah, the main attraction: the turkey. If you don’t eat meat, this may make for a slightly awkward dinner if you can’t eat the star dish. No worries, there are plenty of recipes out there for tasty holiday roasts made completely out of vegetables. Here is just one example, but be sure to browse the web for the endless possibilities! 


    The most important part of any dinner party is undoubtedly the dessert. Check out this recipe for a vegan and gluten-free pumpkin pie and this one for vegan gingerbread cookies.


    Bonus: lots of veg YouTubers make special recipe videos just for the holidays! These are just a couple of examples: