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Community Kindness: Celebrating World Mental Health Day 2023

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Community Kindness: Celebrating World Mental Health Day 2023
written by
Safy Allam
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History of World Mental Health Day

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The 10th of October marks the official World Mental Health Day since it was coined in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health. Since then, and every year on this same day, the world comes together to raise awareness of mental health issues worldwide and contribute to mental health support.


This year’s theme

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This year’s World Mental Health Day 2023’s theme is ‘Community Kindness’, advocating for the power of a community and its shared kindness.

Community kindness is a crucial and influential aspect of our daily lives. You never know how a simple act of kindness towards someone might affect them. How you interact with others is bound to leave an impression, so always try to treat people with courtesy. Such a response will positively impact their mental health while driving to experience another kind of happiness.


How do I contribute?

By participating in this year’s World Mental Health Day, you can assist others in becoming more familiar with the importance of community kindness by spreading the word. There are many ways you can contribute on this special day for our community, and here are some ideas:

  • Talk!

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Speak honestly and openly about mental health. There is no shame in expressing what you need or feel; you should encourage others to do the same. Whether with a specialist or a loved one, just talk and express yourself. Talking creates an accepting yet supportive society.

  • Attend or Create Events

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Look for community events and activities taking place in your area that are dedicated to mental health awareness. Such events might be walks, runs, workshops, or panel discussions. If there aren’t any and you still feel like contributing, you might think of creating an event, such as a fundraiser.

  • Donate or Volunteer

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Consider donating money to organisations or charity establishments that contribute to mental health support. Donations to such causes can vary from funding research, providing resources, or supporting those battling mental health issues. Donating might be hard with our economic crisis nowadays, so consider volunteering in these establishments when the opportunity arises.

  • Educate yourself

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Mental health is a vast web of information, and most of us only know the basics. On this global day, this is your opportunity to learn more about mental health ​​and its surrounding issues through attending workshops, reading books, or asking those who studied it.

  • Social Media

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For bloggers and social media advocates, your digital presence is well-established. You can reach millions of people through your platforms, so make sure you share something to aid in raising awareness regarding mental health and help our community to become stronger together.