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COVID-19 in Egypt: Almost 700 Centres Will Offer Same-Day Vaccination!

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COVID-19 in Egypt: Almost 700 Centres Will Offer Same-Day Vaccination!
written by
Aminah Keevy

As we head into flu season, up-to-date information for available resources is more crucial than ever. Need to get vaccinated? Want to understand why one vaccine may be better than the others 一 or even just how they work? Feel like keeping an eye on surging numbers? In all cases, we had you covered before, and we’ve come back with updates!

Below is a compilation of quick, reliable websites for facts, statistics, and visual representations that make the pandemic slightly easier to follow and vaccination procedures a pleasant walk in the park.

Vaccination Registration in Egypt:

  1. Get The Vaccine in Your Local Neighbourhood

The government website for vaccination registrations in Egypt is still open. Available in Arabic and English and easy to fill out, schedule your vaccination today! From the homepage, select your category (medical sector, chronic patient, traveller, other), then provide your information in the forms that follow.

  1. Get Your Vaccine for Travel

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Dr Khaled Megahed, told Al Shorouk that citizens wishing to receive the vaccine for travel purposes can head toward any of the 126 nationwide vaccination centres without a pre-registered appointment. However, the number of centres was later updated by Minister of Health, Dr Hala Zayed, and has risen to 175, according to Enterprise. We’ll update you with their locations as soon as we find out!

The certificate for international travel costs 250 LE, while the certificate for local movement will is 100 LE. In addition, proof of intent to travel such as a ticket, visa, employment or education documentation, and passport must be available when you go to the centre.

According to Ahram Online, if you’ve already been vaccinated, the necessary documentation, including a QR-code, can be obtained by Egyptian citizens for 100 LE or $10 for foreigners. Be sure to take your passport and COVID-19 vaccination record!

Call the ministry’s hotline on 105 or 15335 or contact via WhatsApp (01553105105) to find your nearest vaccination centre. This number (01555005500) has also been provided as a helpline by Al Watan News.

  1. Get Your Vaccine As Early As Today!

On a more monumental note, the Health Minister has stated that since the 26th of September, unregistered recipients can find same-day vaccinations offered at walk-in clinics in youth centres.

Vaccine Types:

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

McGill University provides information on the different vaccines offered in Egypt (and the world). Utilising a simple display, the Vaccine Tracker presents types of vaccinations, the science behind production processes, and records of medical trials for each one. This site is an informative option for learning about vaccines and understanding the differences between them.

Coronavirus Statistics:

World Health Organization

Always reliable is the World Health Organization (WHO), with a basic presentation of statistics individually in Egypt and all over the world. The WHO website is quick and easy if you’re looking to stay knowledgeable about the number of cases, deaths, and vaccines administered.

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

The outbreak map created by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) provides an alternative to simple stats. Making scientific studies and analyses of COVID trends accessible to the public, JHU supplies a medical viewpoint for looking at pandemic numbers. Data presented in stimulating visuals may be easier to follow for some.

Corona Tracker

Another chart-focused source is the Corona Tracker. More news-centred than the former, the tracker provides relevant articles and live tweets pertaining to the selected country. In Egypt’s case, the latest updates from the Ministry of Health come through as a feed on the side.