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Dina Tarek Shines at the Special Olympics World Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi
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    Cairo 360

    We recently told you about The Special Olympics World Games that took taking place in the United Arab Emirates from March 14 to 21. This competition gathered an estimated 7500+ athletes from 190+ countries around the world. The competitions took place in 11 venues around UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi.

    The event was a chance for athletes with disabilities to compete in 16 sports: football, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, bowling, swimming, tennis, weightlifting, skating, equestrian, athletics, badminton, bocce – an Italian game similar to pétanque, gymnastics, and cycling.

    Egyptian gymnast Dina Tarek won five medals at the Special Olympics World Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi; one silver and four bronze. She had what it takes to fight and win those medals, with the support, love, strength that she received from her family and friends, as well as her significant other.

    Speaking of her significant other, Dina Tarek and her fiancée Mahmoud Abdel-Bary’s love story went viral a while ago. These two decided to share their lives as a couple, despite their learning difficulties, which many would identify as disqualifying factors and severe impediments to a genuine romance.

    Being only 22 years old, she was able to train regularly and achieve five medals, forever proving that the term “disability” is just a word, and not a comprehensive description of one’s identity nor a testament of one’s character. Given all this, we can safely say that this girl has so much power, strength, and resilience within her. Thank you, Dina Tarek, for being a great representative of Egyptian women and for making us even more proud to be Egyptian!

    We also have to say that all members of the Egyptian team have managed to fill our hearts with pride; Egypt managed to win 30 gold medals, 25 silver medals, and 24 bronze medals at the Special Olympics World Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi.