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Dish of the Week: Aglio e Olio Pasta

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Dish of the Week: Aglio e Olio Pasta
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    Nelly Ezz
    Via SimplyDeliciousFood

    Welcome dear readers to another dish of the week. Unlike last week, this past week has been more tiring and exhausting. We were filled with energy and pumped for work the previous week, but like anything else in the world, what goes up surely must come down. However, the mood hasn’t been negative in any way; we were just feeling a bit depleted. It is always best to keep everything short and simple in times like these – nothing too extravagant in terms of commitments or decisions. Some conditions cause your fuel to burn up quickly. So to ensure you don’t run low on energy, it’s best to know when to reduce exposure to difficult conditions – just like when driving a car. So what better way to fight exhaustion than with a quick and easy delicious pasta bowl? Specifically aglio e olio. 

    Via LoveandLemons

    Thinking too hard about making an enjoyable and fast meal would be a grave mistake in times of mental and physical exhaustion. So what’s easier than cooking pasta? Perhaps making omelettes, and that’s it. Choosing any pasta dish is a particularly great choice to conserve energy this week, but aglio e olio is probably the easiest of them all – all you have to do is boil pasta, add oil in a separate pan, and saute some garlic and chilli flakes, then add in your pasta with a bit of pasta water et voila! Unless someone wants to unleash their inner chef and make homemade pasta from scratch, cooking an enticing bowl of pasta is relatively straightforward, which we particularly need this week.

    Pasta is one of the world’s most accessible foods. Nearly every country has its own unique version of this popular, inexpensive staple. The word pasta is generally used to describe traditional Italian noodles, which differentiates it from other types of noodles worldwide. Pasta is made from unleavened dough consisting of ground durum wheat and water or eggs – short and simple, right? So just like how cooking pasta is fundamentally easy and satisfying, giving yourself some time doing simple things like reading, taking walks, and binge-watching on Netflix can be a short and simple solution when you’re feeling depleted. Yes, it might be a simple resolution to reach, but mentally and physically satisfying, just like a yummy bowl of 10-minute aglio e olio.