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Dish of the Week: Black Forest Ice Cream Cake

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Dish of the Week: Black Forest Ice Cream Cake
    written by
    Nelly Ezz

    Welcome back Dish of the Week readers; this week is unlike any other week – we are finally getting our groove back. The overall vibe has been absolutely calm and sweet; deadlines were met, and morale was high. Undoubtedly, we all want to be happy in our jobs; we need to be good at our jobs. We human beings have a fundamental need to know that we contribute, create value and can make a difference and effect change in our environment. That’s why doing a good  job feels terrific. It gives us feelings of pride, accomplishment, fulfilment, growth and worth. So that means in order to feel completely satisfied, we need to go back to basics and see what’s missing from our lives. What better way to go back to simpler times than with a nostalgic Black Forest Ice Cream Cake. 

    Eisstorte ‘Schwarzwälder Kirsch’

    If it doesn’t ring a bell, Black Forest Ice Cream Cake was one of the only ice cream cakes available back in the day. There’s some debate over the origins of Black Forest Cake. It’s generally thought to have come from the Black Forest mountain region in southwestern Germany. However, the traditional Black Forest Cake we all know and love is a sponge cake filled with cherries, whipped cream and ice cream. 

    This simple yet delicious dessert was perhaps the most prominent cake for gatherings, especially during summer. Even though years have passed, and now we have tons of creative desserts to choose from, going back to basics always hits different—likewise, our state as humans. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the secret to being happy is as simple as looking back and understanding our fundamental needs as humans. 

    To put it simply, just like we do not really need over a million dessert options to satisfy our sweet tooth, we do not need a huge salary or the latest car or iphone to be happy – we just need to be able to contribute and feel comfortable in our environment. That’s why feeling satisfied and achieved in the workplace is the secret to success. So let’s not forget the humble beginnings, and always think inward and believe that “the simpler things are, the better.”