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Durex: The Story of a Condom Brand that Has Become the Older Cousin We Confide in

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Durex: The Story of a Condom Brand that Has Become the Older Cousin We Confide in
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    It took us a while to before we were finally able to gather the courage to write an article that discusses sex as the main topic. Ironically, the one thing that keeps our species on this planet is a globally awkward topic, and a taboo in our culture; a taboo to the point where some people – both men and women – tie the knot without having the slightest knowledge about either intimacy or intercourse.

    For many years, scattered voices in our society have been trying to educate people about sex and family planning. With the profound impact of social media today, the voices have become louder, yet their formal, somehow authoritative tone doesn’t cater to many. However, when Durex started its social media pages, the face of sex education saw a drastic change.

    Sporting the light-hearted spirit of an older cousin, the No.1 Condom brand whose aim to celebrate pleasurable, protected sex, stole the spotlight by discussing the topic with a funny, smart, and approachable way that inspires confidence without being sleazy. Not only that, but Durex also passes on 90 years of experience, backed up with a range of products that cater to all needs, for him and her.

    Durex – El Sara7a Ra7a

    الصراحة راحة بين اي اتنين، طولوا مع بعض و انبسطوا مع بعض.#الصراحة_راحة

    Posted by Durex Egypt for Him on Friday, May 22, 2020


    This year, Durex takes it up another notch, launching its first fully-fledged campaign that took the shape of a new platform entitled El Sara7a Ra7a. This time around, the brand address communication as being the key to great sex; addressing various issues that hinder couples from attaining the utmost pleasure while offering the solution as well as the products that will be of help.

    Boasting a new level of maturity, the campaign has tackled problems like worrying about getting pregnant, how to maintain a pace that delivers satisfaction to both partners using the Performax Intense collection, as well as introducing thin yet protective Fetherlite Ultra condom, which lessens the barrier between the partners.

    Unlike its previous campaigns, which depended mostly on static and animated social media posts that mainly focused on the benefit of the products, El Sara7 Ra7a offers a more realistic view on sex by using the human element in its ads to convey the messages, while maintaining common decency.
    Want to see how? Check the whole lot on Durex’s Facebook page, or Instagram account.