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Egypt Currently Ranks First in African Games 2019 with 188 Medals ‎

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Egypt Currently Ranks First in African Games 2019 with 188 Medals ‎
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Kareem Sheta

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As you know, the 12th edition of the African Games, which commenced on the 19th of August, is currently in progress in Rabat, Morocco, counting down the days until the closing ceremony on the 31st. So far, the Egyptians, both men and women, are doing splendidly, and winning more medals than we can count. Let’s check them out based on the registered tally on the official website.

Our champions have succeeded in numerous individual and team sports and games, including athletics, chess, fencing, snooker, and wrestling. The highest number of medals are in two particular sports; 41 medals in swimming and 31 in weightlifting. Our star players are swimmer Hania Moro, with four gold medals, and weightlifters Ahmed Saeed, Mohamed Mahmoud, Karim Abokahla, and Rania Mahmoud, each earning three golds.

Following Egypt, so far the remaining countries ranked in the top 10(out of 35), in chronological order are South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya, and Ethiopia, according to the site. And the Egyptians are still not done! Archers Youssef Tolba, Sherif Mohamed, Amal Adam, Reem Mansour, and other contestants are scheduled for today, as well as the Egyptian volleyball team in a highly-anticipated match.

Whatever the outcome of the remaining games, we are truly beyond proud of the image that Egyptian athletes convey to the world in all global competitions. Here’s to many more victories to come!