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Egypt to Offer Free Breast Cancer Screenings

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Egypt to Offer Free Breast Cancer Screenings
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A diagnosis of Cancer, at any age, is beyond scary, not just for the person affected by the malignant disease, but also for his/her loved ones. Indeed, we all know a loved one who has been effected by this disease. On the one hand, over the past 20 or so years, cancer research and awareness campaigns have aimed to revolutionise how we medically, psychologically, and socially view this diagnosis. On the other hand, with no current known cure for cancer, cancer remains a serious and potentially fatal illness, with daunting psychological effects.

All that being said, a lot of research indicates that early detection is key to a healthy and prolonged remission/recovery. This is exactly why we were beyond glad to hear that Egypt will be home to free oncological screenings this July. The screenings target women, and are part of the larger campaign 100 Million Se7a (translates into “100 Million Healthy Individuals”). The nationwide campaign mainly aims to screen women for breast cancer free of charge.  A comprehensive and specific list of women will be targeted by the campaign.

The women predominately targeted by this campaign are those who have high prevalence of cancer among family members (indicating the existence of genetic pre-disposition to cancer), and women of certain age groups (women above 30 are at higher risk of Breast Cancer). The chosen women from each district and governorate will be placed on the screening list. From there, these women will undergo sonograms, and mammograms. If suspicious masses are found, effected women will then undergo further medical investigations, and will be re-directed to medical professionals.

Her Excellency, Hala Zayed, Egypt’s Minister of Health & Population, has outlined that women’s health has been a definite national priority, over the past 10 years, and that these free screenings are a reflection of that.