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Egypt Wins Hearts and Medals at Tokyo Paralympics

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Egypt Wins Hearts and Medals at Tokyo Paralympics
    written by
    Aminah Keevy

    Image credit: Today UK News

    Sixty years in the making, and the Paralympic Games are as popular as ever. The 13-day tournament began on the 24th of August in Tokyo, Japan, and will come to an end on the 5th of September. Egypt sent 49 competitors, and six individuals have won silver and bronze medals so far.

    Meet nine of the top-performing athletes at this year’s Paralympics.

    Fatma Omar

    Via About Her

    Nearly 30 years into her powerlifting career, Fatma Omar proved she’s still got it. Having previously won four gold medals and one silver in Paralympic competitions dating back to 2000, Omar walked away with second place after an impeccable performance in the women’s 67kg weight class.

    Sherif Osman

    Similarly, 15 years after his debut, Sherif Osman continues to astound. With eight gold medals from previous Paralympic Games and World Championships, and named as the Best African Para Powerlifter in 2018, Osman added a silver medal to his collection after competing in the 59kg class.

    Rehab Ahmed

    Via World Para Powerlifting

    Powerlifting for over 10 years, Rehab Ahmed also left Tokyo as a winner. Having won silver in Rio and gold in the World Championships of 2017 and 2019, Ahmed took second place in the 50kg class, and even broke the Paralympic Record by lifting 120kg. China’s Hu Dandan equalled the lift and took the gold by virtue of the fact that she has a lighter bodyweight. However, the record stays with Rehab.

    Mahmoud Attia

    Another silver medalist for the sport was Mahmoud Attia, with outstanding execution in the 72kg weight class.

    Hany Abdelhady

    Via Africa Breaking News

    Success for powerlifting didn’t stop there! Having won first place in 2012 and placing within the top four of the World Champions in 2010, 2014, and 2019, Hany Abdelhady strived for excellence in the 88kg weight class and tucked another bronze medal under his belt.

    Mohamed Elelfat

    Via World Para Powerlifting

    Mohamed Elelfat won third place in the 80kg weight class as well, complementing his second-place in the London Paralympics and first place achievements from the 2014 and 2019 World Championships.

    Salma Abohegazy

    While powerlifters dominated the podium, several other athletes made impressive strides within their sport and Egypt. At 18 years old, Salma Abohegazy competed in the 58kg class as one of only two Egyptians attending the Tokyo Paralympics for Taekwondo.

    Malak Abdelshafi

    Via Malak Abdelshafi

    Another young achiever, Malak Abdelshafi, swam in the 100m breaststroke and 4x50m freestyle relay.

    Ibrahim Hamadtou

    Via Global Times

    Last but not least, there is Ibrahim Hamadtou. Competing in table tennis using his mouth to hold the paddle and foot to serve the ball, Hamadtou proved, once again, that his selection as Best Arab Athlete of the Year in 2013 and continued success stems from pure hard work.

    These are just a handful of the athletes that continue to shine for Egypt this summer. Congratulations to all competitors!

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