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Egypt’s Very First “Survival Games” Will Have You Fighting for Your Life

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Egypt’s Very First “Survival Games” Will Have You Fighting for Your Life
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Cairo 360

CairoRunners have been highly influential in establishing exercise as a part of one’s daily routine. Through fun group runs, a lot more Egyptians have managed to place their health as a top priority. 

This time round, CairoRunners’ newest addition is its “Survival Games, Volume I”.  On the 20th of April, Egypt’s biggest obstacle race will take place. In partnership with SODIC Sports, and in collaboration with The Urban Race’s designers, and The Amazing Race‘s director, CairoRunners have officially managed to organize Egypt’s most creative obstacle race to date. 

The Survival Games is the first CairoRunners` event to be held in the desert, and at night. It’s going to be so dark that you’ll be provided a head torch to help you make your way around. This time, it’s a test of speed, stamina, and fitness. As you go through the course, you will find different obstacles that challenge varying parts of your physical skill set. 

But that’s not all, you will also be given three keys, think of them as the equivalent of “Three Lives” in an arcade game. As you try to make your way through the obstacles, Mummies, specially created for this game, and each with their own story, will try their hardest to take away your keys. When you reach the end of this obstacle course, or indeed, if you do, you’ll find that you have been in a prison this whole time, and you’ll need to have kept at least one key to open any of the many prison doors you’ll find. So get ready, and prepare yourself, for this unique challenge. 

Check their Facebook event for more details, or head to CairoRunners’ website and register now. The registration fees for the event are 300 EGP, and you can add 30 EGP for a round trip to/from the event place in the 5th settlement’s “Villette SODIC”. The buses will depart from Lebanon Square, Masr El-Gedida, and Nasr City.