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ELFIT Fitness Festival Vol. 3: Egypt’s First & Only Fitness Festival Returns This December

ELFIT Fitness Festival Vol. 3: Egypt’s First & Only Fitness Festival Returns This December
written by
Cairo 360

Cairo’s first and only fitness festival is back for an exhilarating, two-day sweat-fest hosted at the British International School in Cairo at SODIC West in 6th of October City. The ELFIT Fitness Festival Powered by SODIC will provide the gym rats and fitness fanatics in Cairo a chance to put all their hard-work to the test with a series of challenges and obstacle courses that are sure to push the participants’ physical limitations into overdrive.

Globally, Egypt is ranked among the highest countries suffering from obesity with an average BMI of 26. This obvious deterioration of health and fitness has more to do with the environment that most of Egypt’s population is exposed to on a daily basis in addition to the city’s collective bad eating habits. Thankfully, ELFIT has found the winning formula by fusing the prowess and benefits of exercise with entertaining challenges and activities and truly emphasizes the paybacks of keeping healthy.

Alongside the typical programs offered by a team of professional trainers such as Zumba, Les Mills, Jazzercise and Insanity, the festival will also have a slew of challenges ranging from the SODIC Bike Ride, in collaboration with bicycle showroom, Bescletta and the Global Biking Initiative, and SODIC 6 KM Running Race, in collaboration with Cairo Runners, to their signature team-challenges and tug-of-war rope pulling, as well as the newest addition, arm wrestling.

Though all the activities provided by ELFIT are aimed to promote exercise through fun-filled challenges and tasks, there is nothing that brings out the innate ambition, motivation and competitive-drive present quite like the gruelling ELFIT Fitness Challenge Powered by Reebok. This physically demanding event requires that you be at the peak of physical condition and includes categories for men, men over 40, women, and teams. Held in the aptly named, Fitness Battlefield, the top ranking athletes of the previous and upcoming festival are pitted head-to-head in a series of four challenges that culminates into cash prizes for the three finalists in each class.

But that’s not all ELFIT provides; the children’s playground area has been revamped as ‘The British International School in Cairo Fittest Student’  and will include a confined obstacle course that should give the little tykes a chance to prove their mettle.

Volume three will be held on the 6th and 7th of December, with tickets now being sold in Virgin Megastores at Mall of Arabia and Citystars; one-day entry for either day is 75LE, while a weekend ticket is 100LE. For more information, visit the ELFIT Fitness Festival Facebook page.