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EMS: An Alternative Route to Summer Bodies

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EMS: An Alternative Route to Summer Bodies
written by
Daniel William

via EMS Bodyfit 

People work out for a number of reasons, including building muscles, losing weight, or boosting endurance. Either way, we can all agree that working out during Ramadan poses a challenge to everyone, whether from the lack of energy when fasting or being bloated after Iftar. With that said, we’re presenting EMS, an alternative route to your summer body.

Egypt’s first EMS studio, EMS Body Fit Egypt, is introducing this new fitness technique to people all over Cairo with branches in New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, Heliopolis, and Madinaty. You can also check out EMS Revolution in Rehab, Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, or Salah Salem.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the most recent trend in the fitness field. It has gained a lot of attention lately due to the speediness of its results. People have been going crazy over its effectiveness as a workout, given its minimal effort and maximal outcome.

EMS basically uses electrical impulses to stimulate the targeted muscles during a short-term workout. This is accomplished by wearing a special suit that acts as the mediator in transmitting electrical impulses to the muscles via the attached electrodes. These impulses cause the muscles to continuously contract and relax throughout the session.

This new type of training cannot be undergone without a personal trainer’s presence. A trainer will not only lead the session in terms of sets, reps, and moves of a workout, but will also adjust the intensity of the impulses. Modifying the current being used is based on one’s fitness level, as well as the goals one wants to reach.

One of the main benefits of EMS is that it claims to intensify your traditional workout by 18 times without adding any moves, sets, or reps. The electrical impulses transmitted through the suit work by stimulating more muscle fibres than regular exercise would, leading to a more effective workout in less time. This makes EMS the golden opportunity for people who are short on time but still want to get the most out of their exercise. Ring any bells?
Aside from weight loss, it can also help with increasing strength and muscle mass, or what is referred to as bulking. This is because the constant contraction and relaxation of the muscle leads to increased muscle growth. It is especially effective for targeting specified muscle groups, which can be much more difficult with regular workouts.

Leaving the best for last, if you’re recovering from any form of injury, EMS’ low-impact workouts are your go-to. The use of electrical impulses minimises the strains put on joints and almost abolishes the risk of further injuries.

Whether you’re looking to build strength, recover from an injury, or just switch up your workout routine, EMS is definitely worth considering. Our only tip for you would be that it’s not a magic potion. You’ll still need to be determined and consistent for favourable results and put that extra piece of atayef down.

You can learn more online at EMS Bodyfit and EMS Revolution.