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Everything You Need to Know About Egypt’s Very First Color Run!

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Everything You Need to Know About Egypt’s Very First Color Run!
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Cairo 360

Let’s face it: summer is quickly coming, and we are dying to get in shape (we can no longer hide under oversized hoodies and dark jumpers). The thing is, however, getting back in shape entails working out. Now, of course, we understand that working out – for most of us at least – is essentially not fun. But what if we told you that you could get in a workout amidst a day that promises to be full of food, music, and lots and lots of colour?

Yes, you read that right Cairenes, we did say colour. Sponsored by I Events, and powered by New Giza, we are pleased to announce that The Color Run is happening next Saturday (April 13th). This event is an untimed, five-kilometre run, and at every kilometre, runners will be doused with multi-coloured powder. Now, of course, we already love two things about this event; firstly, it is untimed, meaning that it’s suitable for everyone from the those who hit the gym every day, to those who’ve never seen the inside of a gym or just go there for the great mirror selfies. Secondly, we love the fact that runners will start the run with basic white t-shirts, and end it covered in a rainbow of colours, fitting of the arrival of spring and summer.

If you need more reasons to love this event, well let’s just say that once the run is over, the fun will continue with a Finish Festival. Attendees of the festival are promised a musical line-up, as well as dancing, food, activity booths (suitable for both kids and adults), additional doses of coloured powder, and much more. Talk about motivation to get you to the finish line.

Did we also mention that this is the first time for Egypt to host such a unique one-day event that celebrates health, happiness, and individuality? So, there you have it Cairenes, whether you’re a regular runner, or a fitness amateur looking for a little bit of an out-of-the-box workout this year, you have to get your ticket now, via TicketsMarche. You’ll have a wonderful and colourful experience.

Get ready to soak up all the sun, with a vibrant run, bursting with colours, food, music, and fun!