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Everything You Need to Know About the Yoga Retreats Happening Around Egypt

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Everything You Need to Know About the Yoga Retreats Happening Around Egypt
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    Featured image via 7 Days Ultimate Luxury Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Egypt



    Namaste, Yogis of Egypt! Yoga is for everybody. Sometimes when you are stressed out or overwhelmed with your own thoughts, it’s the only way out. Yoga lets you turn your mind off and simply focus on your movements, breathing, posing; everything else just drifts away when you are in a yoga class.

    Where the wild things are, nothing supports the opening of the heart and mind like the tranquility, calmness, and silence of the natural world. There’s nothing like nature to bring you back to yourself and bind you to all your senses. This February and March, Egypt is offering several yoga retreats that you should consider heading to.

    When Nature Calls: White Desert Retreat with Shama Kaur!

    This is a ladies only retreat. From sunrise to sunset meditations, join instructor Shama Kaur this February. You will also go hiking in the desert, camp under the stars, and look for an inner connection with your feminine power. Yalla Yoga will be hosting this program from the 21st until the 23rd of February. The package includes accommodation, food, and transportation. For further information regarding payment methods and packing tips, check their Facebook event.

    7 Days Ultimate Luxury Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Egypt

    A magical seven-day tour around Egypt’s three most significant cities, where Aia Faham, a 500+ hour certified meditation instructor, wellness coach & yoga therapist, will be giving active Vinyasa flow classes during the morning, and restorative Yin classes in the evening. The program is set to start on March 1st and end on March 7th.  The trip’s price package includes accommodation, food, transportation, and various activities. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to register right away through the Facebook event.

    Empowerment & Heart Opening Luxurious Yoga Retreat in Dahab

    Though the retreat was supposed to take place at the Dakhla Oasis, the destination has been shifted to the crystal gold city of Dahab. Hosted by the Lala Land, this program is set to begin on 8th of March and last until the 11th. For further details, visit their Facebook event.  

    Meet your True Self: Blue Lagoon Retreat with Shama Kaur

    This retreat is titled “Meet your TRUE Self.” Join Shama Kaur, hosted by Yalla Yoga, from the 13th to the 16th of March. This retreat is open for men and women; you will unravel the many layers of fear that block you from expressing your true self. Additional information can be found on their Facebook event.