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Grand Nile Tower’s Royal Club: A Regal & Relaxing Experience

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Grand Nile Tower’s Royal Club: A Regal & Relaxing Experience
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    Cairo 360

    Has the stress of work caught up with you? Stressful situations and frustrating people ruining your mood? The cycle can get merciless, and once in it, you feel like there’s no way out. All you need is one good day of total relaxation, leaving behind the stress of the world and focusing only on enjoying quality time with yourself. Within the fine walls of Grand Nile Tower comes the answer to your calls, their fully equipped luxurious health club, rightly named, Royal Club.

    So, let us imagine you’ve had it with work and you want to spend a whole day blowing off all that steam. What can you do at the Royal Club? The second you walk in the Royal Club, you’ll be amazed by the fine detail in every corner, and the elegant decoration and styling of the Club. Gaze at the floor-to-ceiling windows affording panoramic Nile views, and start thinking about what you’ll do for the day.

    Well, you can start by off loading all that negative energy and getting all the frustration out of your system by taking it out on their gym equipment. The two-storey gymnasium is fitted with the best equipment you’ll need to get some real exercise. It consists of four spacious rooms, each with enough equipment for everyone. They have state-of-the-art Life Fitness™ and Hammer Strength™ fitness equipment including treadmills and step machines to get that much needed cardio exercise, you can then start building those muscles with professional-grade weight resistance machines and free weights with enough range for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes.

    Now that you’re rid of all that negativity and had a solid workout, it’s time to give yourself a rest. Move along to the outdoor area and you’ll see there’s a beautiful outdoor pool waiting for you. Don’t worry about the weather, the 360 square-metre outdoor pool is heated to just the right degree. Swim away or relax within the warm waters of the pool overlooking the Nile and the Cairo Yacht Club. You can also bring your kids along for some quality family time as they have their own smaller children’s pool surrounded by a spacious deck and lounging area.

    But something still seems to be missing, right? You’ve worked out, you’ve relaxed your muscles in the pool, but you’re still not 100% tranquil. This is why your next destination at Royal Club is their private spa area. Walk along the gracefully tiled walls of the spa, and you’ll find there’s a special room for all your needs. They have personal lockers and luxurious showers to get you ready. But what do you prefer for the conclusion to your day? Do you wish to spend some time in there steam rooms or saunas, perhaps relax in the whirlpools? Or are you looking to get pampered at their beauty treatment rooms or massage rooms? Everything is available at the Royal Club spa, and once you’re done, just sit in the private relaxation areas, and let go of your thoughts to experience true peace of mind.

    Javier Sanchez, General Manager of Grand Nile Tower, sums it up perfectly. Royal Club has “first-rate facilities, experienced personnel, and the hotel’s enviable placement on the banks of Rhoda Island.” He believes that the Royal Club is unique, and we agree. It has all the facilities you need plus a spectacular Nile view. Why don’t you try it yourself? And see if Sanchez is right when he says that “the Royal Club provides the most magnificent spa experience in town.”