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Here to Help: Therapists in Cairo

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Here to Help: Therapists in Cairo
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader
    Via Nbcnews

    Ancient Egyptians studied and documented mental health conditions, but nowadays, mental health issues are continuously dismissed or mocked. Egypt’s Ministry of Health found that 25 per cent of Egyptians suffer from mental health related problems. However, with insufficient resources and a lack of awareness of mental illnesses, many Egyptians struggle when it comes to seeking help. Fortunately, Cairo is home to many competent therapists who are breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. 

    Georgette Savvides @psychealth_counseling 

    Georgette Savvides is the founder of Psychealth Counselling and offers services including individual counselling for adults and children, couples counselling, women’s support groups, workshops, and more. She obtained two doctorate degrees in Counselling Psychology from City University, UK, and Occupational/Business Psychology from the University of Southern California. Savvides has decades of experience from institutions in the UK, Greece, and Egypt, including being the head of the Psychology Department at The Behman Hospital. She opened her own practice in 2009. Call 01278529814 for bookings. 

    Ola Morsy 

    Chief Clinical Counselor at the American University in Cairo and board certified Consultant Psychiatrist, Ola Morsy is a renowned member of Egypt’s psychological field. She is currently active in the Psychiatric Health Resort, a hospital run by professor Ahmed Okasha. You can contact the hospital at +(20100) 2406998/9. 

    Ehab Youssef 

    A self-described “passionate psychotherapist”, Ehab Youssef specialises in treating anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, and relationship issues through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psychodynamics, and more. Youssef holds psychology degrees from universities in the UK and The Netherlands, and was the 2020 winner of the Kasr El Ainy Yehia El Rakhawy Award. Contact him here or email at for more information. 

    Heba Alaa Fayez 

    Compared to others on this list, Fayez appears much newer to the world of psychology. However, that does not make her any less qualified, and younger clients may find her more comfortable and easier to relate to. As a member of O7, an online platform to connect users with psychiatrists and psychologists for virtual sessions, Fayez is easily accessible. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from the Ruperto Carola Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany, and has six years of experience across various settings such as psychiatric hospitals and psychosocial counselling centres. Fayez works with individuals experiencing grief and loss, recovering from trauma or abuse, dealing with addiction, personality disorders, eating disorders, OCD, anxiety, and mood disorders. You can book your session here.