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Hot Right Now: Salads

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Hot Right Now: Salads
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    Nelly Ezz
    Via Medibank

    From the side dish to the star attraction, no menu is complete without a salad. From modern ingredients to diverse cuisines, the salad has come a long way from being “rabbit food”. While most meals are improved by adding a fresh, crisp green salad, in recent years, we have seen salad recipes proving that this diverse dish can be so much more than just a healthy side dish or starter. Salads can be a thing of beauty—a colourful, bountiful platter of seasonal produce tossed with mouthwatering toppings and dressings. Adding proteins like shrimp, beef, and chicken can transform your salad into dinner. The diversity is endless, from hearty autumn salad recipes to easy summer salad recipes, light and healthy salad recipes, and wintery salads loaded with root veggies. 

    In recent years, Egyptians have acquired a taste for good salads, either for diet or healthy lifestyle purposes. Still, regardless of where you look, the search for a good salad is real, especially during the summer when fresh and colourful dishes are popular. We have also noticed the rise of salad-related content in the digital platform world. From chefs from all over the world to food bloggers right here in our capital – salad recipes are on the rise, and here are a few local bloggers that share some amazingly easy go-to recipes:


    Malak is a recipe developer and menu consultant who has become popular with fun and easy content on Instagram. With over 100,000 followers, Malak decided to popularise quick and fresh salad recipes in her Salad Sunday series, where she makes a different recipe reel every Sunday. One of her most prominent and most viewed recipes is the Ginger Ceviche Salad. All you need is cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, coriander and ginger, all chopped up fine and small – with a vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper dressing. 


    Enjoy videos with poems and easy salad recipes with the branding consultant and food content creator, Nada Habib. The Food Experience with Nada Habib on Instagram is a whirlwind of recipes, poems, fun facts, and honest food reviews. Nada has also recently created a satirical series of easy recipes with funny rhymes and names to make the experience more fun. From El Meday’een salad to ElMetdal’een salad – you can find a recipe for every mood. One of the most viewed salads is El Met’akhareen Salad for people who are chronically late and hungry. She says that the ingredients actually do not matter; whatever you find in the fridge can work; the magic is in the dressing. This secret dressing is 1 cup olive oil, ½ cup milk, two tablespoons of hot brown mustard, and one tablespoon garlic powder. 

    Marwan Hazem

    The Food Guy is impressively creative with an impeccable eye for fashion and food. His work has featured in various international food accounts because of his outstanding presentations and plating skills. Marwan has brought us many distinctive plates over the years, and salads have been a significant part of that. One of his most creative recipes is his Shawarma Salad with Knorr’s traditional spice mix, which is perfect for summer. The ingredients feature shawerma, cherry tomatoes, pickles, toasted bread, lettuce, olive oil, and a delicious dressing. This dressing has mayonnaise, sumac, salt, black pepper, garlic, mint, milk, and sour cream.