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Makadi Heights by Orascom Development Sponsored the Pyramids Marathon

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Makadi Heights by Orascom Development Sponsored the Pyramids Marathon
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This past Friday, an iconic sports event took place alongside one of the ancient world’s wonders, and grand landmarks in the city, if not the country, The Pyramids of Giza. On February the 15th, The Pyramids Marathon welcomed participants from all over the globe to make a run through the picturesque setting that stood the test of time, witnessing 5000 years of history, and still counting.

This massive event was backed up by a handful of sponsors, including the golden sponsor Makadi Heights. Nestled in the highest point of Makadi Bay and 20 minutes away from Hurghada; Makadi Heights offers everything that daily life requires which makes it the ultimate family destination. It is also renowned for not only being a relaxing destination but for supporting a healthy and active lifestyle all throughout the year.

In preparation for such marathon, that requires a fair amount of training, Makadi Heights hosted 15 race participants, in January, for a tailor-made runners retreat by the Red Sea that involved various activities accommodated by the many amenities available there.

With Makadi Heights’ unbeatable weather and clear sunny skies, even in the midst of winter, the retreat included a variety of running challenges and a yoga session at the clubhouse where the runners relax got to by the pool during a beautiful sunset. They also had access to beach activities that helped enhance their fitness and gave them the boost they needed.

Makadi Heights’ support didn’t stop there, for the sponsor brought to the marathon a Relaxation Station. The kit helped the runners wind down and refresh, after the marathon; it was surely a treat worth running for!