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Makeup & Macaroons: The Lancôme Cafe Comes to Egypt

Makeup & Macaroons: The Lancôme Cafe Comes to Egypt
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Cairo 360

Makeup and macaroons, coffee and cosmetics; when it comes to giving shopaholics what they want, the new Lancôme Cafe ticks all the shopping-break boxes.

For the first time ever, luxury beauty brand, Lancôme, has created a pop-up café to bring a piece of Paris to Egypt at Debenhams, Cairo Festival City, where women can tell the experts, in confidence, about their beauty concerns and rely on their expertise and advice.

At this French-café-meets-beauty-boutique, you can enjoy a gourmet coffee while you get a make-up or skin care service, with the experts offering personalized prescriptions of your beauty needs and even sample of Lancôme’s most popular fragrances.

But there’s plenty more surprises. Every Friday is called a FriYAY, where the cafe will host special events such as product engraving, free facials and free brow service, while makeup classes will be held regularly and led by Egypt’s premiere make-up artist, Sally Rashid.

Last but not least, there’s one more surprise; for every purchase over 2000LE, you’ll get a free voucher for brushing at KRISS Salon.

Open between Wednesday 1 October and Sunday 31 October, it’s shaping up to be a unique shopping experience that’s set to redefine how women in Egypt not only shop for consmetics, but also get the advice and recommendation that otherwise eludes them. And then there are the macaroons, of course!

For more information on upcoming events and special offers at the Lancôme Café , visit the official Lancôme Egypt Facebook page.