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Making Fitness Fun: Exercise Classes Across Cairo

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Making Fitness Fun: Exercise Classes Across Cairo
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader

    Whether you’re trying to get your dream summer body ready or just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, exercise is a must. For those looking to avoid the gym at all costs or simply shake up their regular workout routine, there are a variety of engaging fitness classes to burn those extra calories. Here are some alternatives to hitting the gym that you can try: 

    Pole Dancing and Aerial Hoop

    Improve your flexibility and core strength with these exciting exercises! Pole dancing first made its way to Cairo in 2013, when Pole Fit Egypt opened its doors. Since then, they’ve established locations in New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and Garden City. Project Pole has also shown Cairo’s girls that pole dancing can get their weight down as well. Their aerial hoop and silk classes will let you glide through the air while toning your body. Classes are available in Maadi, Heliopolis, Mohandiseen, 6th of October, and New Cairo. 


    Thought burpees were hard? Now try doing them on water. Aquafit is a challenging way to train your muscles and practice balancing while working out on a floating board. Their toning classes have a low impact on joints and can help burn over 700 calories. Don’t worry if you can’t swim; this HIFT class is pool-based, so falling in the water won’t be dangerous, only slightly embarrassing. Aquafit studios can be found in Waterway and Swan Lake Compound in New Cairo, and those looking to keep up their routine on vacation can find them in Hacienda Red and Fouka Bay. 

    Yoga & Pilates 

    Whether you’re a gym bunny or a total newbie, yoga is for you. Not only is it relaxing, but yoga can also build strength, improve flexibility, and lessen chronic body pain. Flexana Studio in New Cairo offers sessions in different types of yoga aimed at body empowerment, or meditation and relaxation. Even kids are welcome to join their own classes! Pilates is another therapeutic exercise that works the core muscles and focuses on toning. Reform Pilates Studio is located in New Cairo, 6th of October, and Zamalek, and offers both group and private sessions on their equipment or mats. 

    Dance classes 

    The renowned Adams Dance Studio will have you moving your feet in no time with its variety of classes. From salsa and hip-hop to belly dancing and ballet, Adams has got it all. Find them in New Cairo, Hyde Park, and Sheikh Zayed. 


    Kickboxing is a great way to get in shape, and those fighting skills could come in handy in real life. Plus, it makes you look like a professional boxer in no time. The Fight Zone in New Cairo and UFC Gym in Sheikh Zayed offer kickboxing, martial arts, and more. The Boxing Academy in Al-Rehab was founded by former Olympic boxing champion, Mohamed Reda Aly, and is a great place to get into the swing of things.