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Meet Omar Hegazy, the Man Defying All Odds

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Meet Omar Hegazy, the Man Defying All Odds
written by
Sherif Khairy

Have you ever felt demotivated? Was there ever a task you needed to do but you just didn’t feel like you’re up for it? Perhaps you felt like you couldn’t do it. Well, if you ever went down that idle road, Omar Hegazy is here to show you that the other road is much more fulfilling.

Handling what may seem for some as a disability with confidence and a fighting spirit, Omar Hegazy had set his eyes firmly on his goal. Three years ago, he was involved in an accident that took away his left leg, but with a determined mind he set on a path towards athletic excellence.

Omar Hegazy keeps his smile as he ventures to become a successful swimmer and mountain climber. On his latest interview, he spoke to Eman El-Hosary on DMC about his challenges and how he came to achieve such milestones.

After training hard, Hegazy was able to achieve a 20-kilometre swim across the Gulf of Aqaba, starting from Jordan and swimming all the way to Taba Port in Egypt. He also achieved a remarkable record in the UK Open Water Swimming Events. But that’s not all, Omar also ventured into mountain climbing, proving to everyone that impossible is just a word for things we’ve yet to figure out how to accomplish.

Hegazy has now set his sights on a new challenge that will start at the end of this November in Sinai. He plans to cross the Gulf of Aqaba to Taba, and then cycle all the way to the Pyramids of Giza. This will be the first time such a feat has been attempted.