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MEFIT Egypt 2019: Get Your Body Ready for Summer

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MEFIT Egypt 2019: Get Your Body Ready for Summer
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Cairo 360

Only two months separate us from summer, and we can already smell the salty air. But if you, like us, ate far too much recently then read on, because it isn’t too late to shake off that extra winter layer in time for the sun’s arrival. The first step towards getting in tip-top shape, and shedding that winter weight is fitness and nutrition.

So, if you’re a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition expert, mind-body professional, fitness influencer, bodybuilding champion, club or studio owner or manager, then you will probably want to brace yourselves for a wave of applicants and new members coming your way.

It’s never too late to start and MEFIT Egypt 2019 Health & Fitness Summit is what we all need right now. The event will be on the 11th and 12th of April. For those who don’t know MEFIT, it was founded by Mefitpro, an industry innovator in the Health & Fitness field in the Middle East since 2003. MEFIT was awarded Best Fitness Facility by Men’s Health & Women’s Health last year.

The summit consists of 35 sessions led by 10 national and international presenters from the US, UK, UAE, and Egypt. The event will see nutritionists, personal trainers, and small group fitness training workshops and workouts such as TRX, ANIMAL FLOW, BOSU, TRIGGERPOINT, EXOS, and GRAY INSTITUTE.

According to the summit’s Facebook page, the event is a unique opportunity for experts and professionals in the fitness field to work together and share new tools that can be useful for the region, and to have these discussions amount to change in the fitness and wellness community.

The summit will be held at the Lake House in the Club which is located in the heart of New Cairo’s Business District on Road 90. Tickets can be found on TicketsMarche, and you can check their schedule online.

The event is organised by Yaqeen Sports and Education, and is sponsored by Royal Academy, Polar, Uber, and Dasani Egypt as well as being powered by Reebok. What are you waiting for, Cairenes? Bring your fitness gang and challenge yourselves this April for a 2-day experience full of knowledge and fun!