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Mohamed Al Sagheer Team-Up with International Beauty Entrepreneur for Special Launch

Mohamed Al Sagheer Team-Up with International Beauty Entrepreneur for Special Launch
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Cairo 360

Having a bad hair day? Too busy detangling your so-called career to detangle your hair? Can’t find the time to go to the salon to get your hair ‘did’?  Because one is more vain or obsessed with their personal appearance more than the Cairo 360 team is, we totally get you.  Life is tough. The struggle is real.

Fear not, hair-care devotees of Egypt – we have a force stronger than us all keeping a watchful eye on our hair faux-pas.  You see, no one understands why it’s so important for your hair to look fly quite like Egypt’s biggest salon, Mohamed Al Sagheer, who stand on the brink of changing the hair game for *dramatic-pause* ever.  We speak of course of the latest grooming gadget of greatness to come from the diabolical mind of hair and beauty divinity that is Shaun P. Having sent waves in the industry with the revolutionary Tangle Teezer, Mr P has unleashed another game-changer with the Blow-Styling Paddle Hairbrush and Mohamed Al Sagheer is front and centre for its launch in Egypt on Tuesday the 15th of September at Citystars.

Never ones to do anything by halves, Al Sagheer are set to host the man behind it all with a special event that will kick-off on the day at 3PM, featuring demonstrations, entertainment and plenty of nibbles and general merriment.

With all the power of a paddle brush, Blow-Styling Paddle Hairbrush guarantees faster drying, volume, shine and the all-important professional finish.

As a leader in the thorny field of salons in Egypt, Mohamed Al Sagheer is by far the biggest fish in a growing pond. While the clichés of the overdone Egyptian bride or the over-gelled hair still ring somewhat true, it’s Mohamed Al Sagheer that has lead a fast-growing revolution in the pursuit of health and beauty in a country that can sure take a toll on mind, body and especially soul.

Be it technical innovation styles, trends or even products, Al Sagheer has always been at the forefront of beauty solutions – and you can look to the increasing numbers of Al Sagheer branches across the country to dispel any doubt of that.