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Mohamed Hamza Wins Fencing Golden Medal in Youth Epee World Cup

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Mohamed Hamza Wins Fencing Golden Medal in Youth Epee World Cup
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Baladna Elyoum)

19-year-old Egyptian fencing champion, Mohamed Hamza represented Egypt as part of the National Team during the Youth Epee World Cup in Paris, France. After scoring an impressive number of wins against players from around the globe, he successfully earned the gold medal in Saturday’s final match.

According to Al Ain, Hamza faced off against Russian fencer, Kirill Borodakhiv in the quarter-finals and won 15-10, before he moved on to the semi-finals, winning  15-6 against French fencer, Armand Spyger. Finally, he struck gold after beating another French opponent, Rafael Savin in the final match, winning 15-6.


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Posted by Mohamed Hamza on Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hamza expressed his gratitude towards his family, coach, friends, union president, and teammates on Facebook. He is trained by his father, Maher Hamza, who is also the Technical Director of the Egyptian National Team. Hamza told Fil Goal that he is thankful for the title, and that he always focuses on doing his best without thinking too much about winning a medal. He feels more confident now that he is among the top-ranking fencers in the world (fourth, according to the International Fencing Federation’s website), which is proof that he has the ability to overcome any opponent.

(Via Mohamed Hamza)

(Via Mohamed Hamza)

The young fencer had won gold and silver medals in the 2019 Senior African Championship, along with a bronze at the 2019 Junior World Championships. His future is bright, with his upcoming participation in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

“I’m training a lot and participating in as many competitions as possible to improve my global ranking in order to reach the best form before the Olympics. I want to be an Olympic champion, and that’s my biggest goal. I hope that I am able to win in Tokyo’s upcoming Olympics, and that my gold medal in the Youth Epee World Cup to be my way towards the Olympic dream,” he said to Fil Goal.

Thinking of taking up classes and starting on your own path? To help fencing become an even more popular sport, Egypt is expected to host the Senior Fencing World Championship in 2021, which was announced during a conference in Switzerland, Lausanne by the International Fencing Federation, according to Egypt Independent.

We wish Hamza the best of luck on his future ventures towards international recognition!